'Eh Jude

I am sorry to say I was lazy and lifted the following text straight off Yahoo:

'Sir Paul McCartney has been presented with France's highest public award, the French Legion of Honour, for services to music.

The former Beatle was promoted to the rank of officer by President François Hollande in a private ceremony in Paris.

McCartney, 70, has joined the likes of singers Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli, who received the honour from former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Hollande decorated McCartney with the Legion of Honour in front of an audience of family and friends gathered at the Elysee Palace.'

It seems after being elected in May and apparently doing nothing, he has has seen fit to have France reprised with that song again and so close to the embarassing spectacle that was Macca at the opening of the Olympics... So folk, don't say Mr Hollande has done nothing. You may question whether he has done anything worthwhile, well for sure what he has done now is not exactly imaginitive so let's stick with nothing for now...

'Eh Jude, tralalalala'

Am stittling here muttering as that blasted song goes round and round in my head.................. GGGRRRRRRHHHH. And I agree with Bruce but think that they should have used a better taxidermist.

If we listen closely, it's not always 'Hey Jude', mostly 'Dead Wood'! ;-)

OMG, doesn’t Francois know that Macca’s been dead for 10 years, and somebody’s had him stuffed, and is working him with sticks!