EJP Wiring advice, please

I really need help, please. My electricity bills are enormous, totalling 2,500 euros last year. After months of discussions, electricians, EDF visits, I think I have isolated the problem but would be grateful for help.

I have a new hot water heater and an old EJP box. There are three things for the hot water heater, seemingly 1 contacteur and 2 fuses. (See photo below) When I stop the fuse labelled EJP, the meter stops speeding but I also stop the hot water heater. Has anyone any advice for how to fix this, please? I would like to be more aware the next time the electrician comes.

Thank you.


Hello, Shirley,

No, EJP is no longer available, but for those who have it, it is not being cancelled, just phased out. I am sorry, but I do not really know about the other tariffs. I am glad if the English page helps a bit.


At long last, I believe that my problem is resolved, but only with the next bill will I know for sure. You may not know that EDF has pages in English that explain quite a lot about tariffs, bills, etc. Here is the link:


Good luck!


Thank you. That sounds very close to my situation, with the relais somehow getting "stuck". Mine is in the house and I have no idea what may be causing the trouble. It buzzes. How wise of you to keep a record! I must do that, and get over my hatred of tramping out through the mud to the box in the shrubbery.

Thank you also for letting me know that you were able to negotiate a realistic consumption estimate. It is a good idea, though I am not sure it can be retroactive. Still, I will go to their office and try.

Thank you again.


Thank you.

This place is also splayed out, but not connected to a neighbour. I have wandered all over, finding 5 more fuse boxes hidden in outbuildings and turning everything off.

I long for the day when I will be able to deliver that shrug appropriately! One of my numerous electricians did that when he could not figure out the problem

We have been on EJP for 25 years and I have always kept a record of our consumption, so I was quickly alerted to something being wrong when the relais got 'stuck' on EJP during the weekend. Our relais is outside with the meter, the red light is in the house and was not on. It was a couple of days before EDF sent out a technician to assess the problem and another couple of days before another technician came out to repair the relais. Ants had interferred with the wiring. EDF is obligated to repair your box. EDF also agreed to a realistic EJP consumption estimate based on my records and previous electricity bills. I agree it is a good idea to visit your local EDF to explain your problem, backed up with any records you have. If you prefer to communicate in English, EDF has an English helpline: 05 62 16 49 08. Good luck.

I was in the same position with electric bills as you a few years ago. I lived in a detached house and had a garage attached to a neighbours worshop, their garage and their house. As the property used to be all under one owner,no prizes for guessing where the electric meter was. When I spoke to my neighbour, he gave the usual French shrug and claimed ignorance. You learn every day.


Thank you, but I fear they will just start adding charges for late payment, and only make matters worse. I feel I am due compensation, but I have to get them to agree AND to sort out the problem!

Thank you for that, Doreen. It's a good idea.

Don't pay the bill, explain why and they'll come running I expect.

I would think you are also due some compensation. Electricians and overpayment etc.....

Good luck!

In an earlier discussion, I had asked about the red light of the EJP box not working on the days that it should. Today's electrician said that it means the box is faulty and needs to be changed. The trick is getting EDF to do that!


Thank you! I may take you up on that and contact him.

One of my electricians (I have met dozens in trying to solve this mess) came by today. He is convinced that it is the EJP control box above the fuse box, which he does not have the right to touch. It is clearly labelled "property of EDF" He rang EDF for me and said that they needed to come to repair the box. Because -- as all with EJP know -- EDF desperately wants to get people off of that tarrif, they refused. They said that they do not repair those boxes anymore and that it is for the client's electrician to do that. But my electrician says that, if I have not received a letter to that effect, I can be prosecuted by EDF for messing with their controls. Which leaves me nowhere.

I plan to ring EDF again tomorrow and try again to get them to come to look at and repair the box, or at least to send me such a letter (which I would rather not have, to be honest). In the mean time, I just sit and listen to the meter click the kwh away and know that I shall soon have some sort of collapse!


Thank you.

Ha! I lived like that once, but no more and -- see above -- really have reduced my consumption of electricity, which is why this is so distressing (as well as the insane cost!) I have no freezer, no TV, no dishwasher. I do have a drier, but it gets used about twice a week, and that only in the winter. With your electric heating, your bills make sense. Mine do not.


Thank you. The heater is new, and fuel, so not using much electricity at all. The hot water heater is also new, not even a year old. But the EJP box is old. As I say above, the problem has been that the meter just kept going, as if there were a "leak" but no leak could be found. The meter has been recording between 1800 and 2000 kwh per month. I do not even have a dish washer or a television and no electric heaters. I thought it had to be the EJP control. If I can get it to work, it is much cheaper than anything else they currently offer, which is why EDF are always trying to force people off of it.


Thank you. I do know all about EJP and how it works and what to do or not on the red light days. The problem has been that the meter just kept going, as if there were a "leak" but no leak could be found. The meter has been recording between 1800 and 2000 kwh per month and there is no way on earth that I am using that!


Thank you

No, the hot water heater is new, not even a year old. I know that it is not the problem, but I thought the connection of it to the EJP box might be.

Hello Martha, where are you geographically? We are in the south of the Haute Vienne close to the border with the Dordogne. A neighbour of ours is a qualified electrician, English, but also very much trusted by the French. He rewired our house, and would know how to solve your problem. Even if you are a distance away I'm sure he would advise - he is Leigh Dodd and can be reached on sara@saraleigh.com

Roger Boaden

We are a family of three in a largish 200 sq m old house with very thick stone walls, double glazing and all ceilings insulated but not walls as we have some wood panelling, cornices etc. We do have mainly electric heating on a room by room basis but heat less than half the house in the winter. Water heating is electric too. We tend to have baths which uses more water heating than showers. We are guzzlers too in that we have several appliances on standby, a large fridge, a freezer, two TVs, two decoders, two DVD players, hifi,two computers, etc etc. Clothes washing is major but we don't have a drier although we need one.The house is occupied all day as I am retired. We had a strong campaign to switch things off and this year our last bill for two months was 100 euros down but still 850 euros making an annual total of 3200 euros. Our water heater is certainly over 12 years old an maybe a new element would be more efficient.

Hi there

Quite apart from managing the EJP system, and if you decide to get rid of it, why don't you ask EDF about off-peak tarifs, which is where it heats during the night and the afternoon, at a cheaper rate. You might also consider getting a smaller heater, depending on your needs.


is it an old water heater? and is the water getting very hot? is your house very big? we have a gas water heater that supplies our hot water, still quite new but so far seems to last a gas bottle per month (gold butane gas bottle not natural gas) and have enough hot water for the kitchen and 2 showers per day, an alternative to your electric heater and not vey expensive to buy, not sure how much it would cost to install as we instaalled our own, but not very high tech, with the gas heater you only heat what you use not a full tank every day.

another tip is to speak to some neighbours about there's and get one of them to be with you when the electrician comes (preferably one with some knowledge), also make sure you you get 3 different quotes and let the electrician know your getting different quotes. its amazing the difference this can have on a price.

good luck