does elder grow in france? we found some of last years home made cordial at the back of the freezer, and for us it tatses of summer… i’d love to abe able to make it this year once we move to france…

ps. the husband is a little adicted and says to mention he’s happy to travel to find flowers

x teresa

it’s really, really easy to make by the bucket load - we freeze it in small plastic water bottles - and as i said we’re drinking last years now! it keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks once you defrost it… i think the recipe i use is from Xanthe Clay’s book - It’s Raining Plums or it might be “In Season”, also by her. Everything’s packed in boxes now - but i’ll dig it out as soon as we’re unpacked and post it to you

Yep, it’s here in the NE, too. On the other hand, you can’t easily get elderflower cordial in the shops here, so making your own is a very useful skill. I’ve never tried it - I’ve always assumed it would be tricky to keep it. Which recipe do you use?

oh, thanks Jacqueline… that’s great news. We’re headed south near to Revel in the Tarn. i hoped it would grow all over europe… i still have citric acid from last year, and some (plastic) champagne corks from our hopeless attempts to make elderflower fizz. I have the cordial down to a fine art, and we’ll try again with the sparkling!

In our village (in Deux Sevres) it grows wild and rampant like a weed. It wasn’t in our garden or orchard when we moved, but it is now. I’m sure it is in most (rural) places. Where are you headed?