Electric cars

(John Withall) #201

I thought the 90KPH would ring some bells in france, oh hang that’s 80KPH now :grin: That was the testers bench mark speed for all vehicles he tests which is fair. He did tests at higher speed on the Ampera E so far but ran out of time for the Kona that test but he will do it soon. likewise his test on the I-pace.

Block of flats or “Hive” as I call them, yep big issue there, most new developments i have been on have 1 space per flat but not always the case. On one i have to book up to visit the resident. LPG has been with us a while so just a swap really. Yep helium, finds even the tiniest of leaks, used to use it to leaks in gas meters!

Fast refueling is the aim of solid state batteries, who will get there first? I just love the idea of taking the power away from oil companies

(stella wood) #202

… and just like the idea of having a choice… :wink:

(Chris Kite) #203

VW seem to be interested in the future of Solid State,

(John Withall) #204

James Dyson bought a solid state battery manufacturer, to make cars.
Hyundai/kia also have bought a solid state battery company, moving away from LG tech. They are testing a prototype.
Fisker announced they are on the verge of a breakthrough.
BMW invested in a battery company for solid state.
Toyota likewise.

(Paul Flinders) #205

Solid state batteries are still pretty much in the R&D space, not in the “out in the real world powering EVs” space.

(Chris Kite) #206

Exactly, and that’s why it’s so difficult to make a judgment on when to buy an EV. We all want better safety and longer range after all. I was beginning to sway towards an EV but I’m really not sure now.

(John Withall) #207

As per the discussion the other day, how much regular mileage do you do compared to long trips? On the longer ones I won’t mind a stop, I do that anyway, this might just mean an additional 15mins on top of the 15-20 i take for a coffee. I see most charging point would mean leaving the motorway (A28) or the N154, either way the charge points are not on the main roads. That annoyed me a little.

The issue is does the EV fit into your life or does your life fit into the EV?

(John Withall) #208

Have to see what’s being fitted to next seasons formula E?

(John Scully) #209

It’ll never replace the snarl of a V12 at full chat :ear:

(John Withall) #210

noise is just wasted energy :grinning: It’s something we’ll have to get used to, the sound of a fast hairdrier :roll_eyes:

(John Scully) #211

There are alternatives… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKVplvWqXWI

(John Scully) #212

I won’t be investing.

(John Withall) #213

I want the full orchestra! The dam busters march or the Chain, Fleetwood Mac. :grinning:

(John Withall) #214

Update 215 miles ( 350km) at 120KPH for the Kona, still better than the Ampera E

(Mary Wolcott) #215

John, I don’t know where the statement about raiding patents after a product goes bust, comes from. I happen to know a little bit about patents/trademarks and such.

Are you suggesting that the law would allow that to happen, in the US? Or, are you suggesting that a patent-holder could be coerced into signing his rights away…? The latter, I suppose, is possible anywhere, no?

I understand about cynicality and complexity; however, seems this goes a bit too far and I wanted to be able to trust your statements a bit more. So, am confused about how you came to arrive at that particular statement.

(John Withall) #216

Hi Mary, it was told to me by an American inventer when I was discussing a pool development I am working on. At the time he mentioned a product, can’t remember at the moment what is was. The Company went bust and his patents were plundered, it did seem v unfair at the time. Only to happy to be educated if you know the system. Could it have been, as he was bankrupt, he couldn’t afford to defend his patents?

(Paul Flinders) #217

I would expect them to be sold on when the company was wound up - assuming that they had any value.

(John Withall) #218

That depends on who owns the intellectual property rights maybe?

(David Martin) #219

The real life inconvenience of using an EV today.

(Paul Flinders) #220

It certainly reinforces my feeling that, were I to buy an EV I would want 350miles or more real-world range.