Electric cars

(John Withall) #221

Not the EV’s fault, even if you had 350miles you could still be stuck for a while. They should have plugged the jag in overnight where they stayed. There is no doubt a learning curve to go through and some planning before setting off but the biggest issue as usual is the total tossers in the ministry of transport for failing to ensure we can use the new technology. Look at Norway, no such issues. That’s why I laughed the other post back that Britain is leading the EV revolution. Utter nonsense! France to, should be ashamed. They want us to adopt electric, then put in the infrastructure to support it!!

(Paul Flinders) #222

I thought that as well, or at any rate wondered why they didn’t.

(John Withall) #223

Journalists :roll_eyes:

(David Martin) #224

I thought that it was an real life insight into the current problems. I’ve been away for the weekend and although the mileage I did was not huge and equally spread over three days it would not have been possible in an EV.Until they fit into my lifestyle they will continue to be little more than an expensive gimmick. If I commuted a reasonably short distance to work and went on short journeys at the weekends I would think differently. At the moment I do at least two or three journeys a month that are beyond the range of the current crop of EVs and hanging around while they charge is not an option that appeals to me at all.

(John Scully) #225

Why does the author go on as much about his malodorous problems as his charging issues?

(Paul Flinders) #226

I think he is trying to ellicit sympathy for the fact that he had to endure a slightly wam car “in the interests of journalism”.

Perhaps he couldn’t work out how the air vents functioned.

(John Scully) #227

Ahhh… no aircon. Thanks for explaining Paul. I left him a comment suggesting JLR rename the car from I-Pace to I-Pong. Now here’s a much underrated vehicle that was ahead of its time and needed no aircon…

(Paul Flinders) #228

I have no sympathy as the A/C in my car isn’t working.

I have finally bought some “leak stop” and top up coolant so I am hoping that tomorrow’s trip to work will be better.

I will still be stuck in an office which faces due south and gets the sun all day.

(John Withall) #229

That’s a fair point David for now at least and as I said earlier the charging networks are the issue of the local authorities and central governments. Too many old slow chargers and not enough fast ones situated where they need to be. What if petrol station numbers were reduced to the same as charging points, total road carnage?

(John Withall) #230

Just listening to a broadcast, the top gear point was to demonstrate the new standard WLTP for range is not true world, i.e. look what they had to do 45mph, no electric items running like air con to achieve the stated range.

At least Hyundai didn’t lie about range, it was achieved at 90 kph with everything working normally including lane assist and smart cruise control.

Also the are 2 fast chargers in France yeh, 2 are feckin kidding, hopefully 200 more soon!!

(Paul Flinders) #231

I think TG still have a bit of a down view of EV so I’m not surprised that the I-Pace didn’t come out in that good a light.

(John Withall) #232

I see it as an infrastructure issue more than a vehicle issue but I get their point jaguar should not be able to claim that range unless they state at 45mph, anything less is crooked. Who buys a Jag to drive around slower than a Nissan leaf?

(John Withall) #233

Orders for the Hyundai Kona are higher than any previous vehicle from Hyundai. They are realising they may not be able to make enough.

(John Withall) #234

Looks like VW are in the do do again. Their EV batteries contain cadmium a highly toxic and banned chemical. Another expensive re call?

(Paul Flinders) #235

Not the batteries but fairly small amounts in the charger plug. Not enough info around to decide whether this is a risk or not.

(John Withall) #236

Ok thanks for the info, have to watch and see.

(John Scully) #237

(Jonathan Badger) #238

The original model or the new 2018 version? Most people think it’s pretty cool.

(John Withall) #239

I am one of the most who thinks it doesn’t :slightly_smiling_face: The new 64kw 2019 maybe better. my current choice the Kia Niro probably wouldn’t be most peoples taste either. It’s a replacement for the Renault Scenic, similar size and SUV. One of the designs copied by almost every manufacturer but still wouldn’t appeal to all.

(John Withall) #240

Ok, a hyper miling test on the kona in the rain (aircon required and less traction) at 45kph it achieved 830km (516 m) driver thought in dry conditions a 1000km would be possible. so for the slower drivers an interesting result.