Electric cars

(John Scully) #81

A good incentive to give up smoking anyway.

(Bill Morgan) #82

Smacks of, ‘unsinkable’, heard that before somewhere :thinking:

(John Withall) #83

Surprised by that comment, this technology is already in the fossil consuming cars we drive today. Changing to another fuel should not present major issues engineering wise.

(Bill Morgan) #84

Technology has proved it’self pretty fallible at times John :thinking:

(Jane Williamson) #85

Tesla has announced further huge losses and one in f its investors has sold his shareholding.

(John Withall) #86

Yes, Tesla’s biggest issues are never having been a volume car production company. Other car manufacturers know how to produced volumes of cars but are at odds with the petrol and diesels that will die out whilst not upsetting staff by producing e!ectric cars that will hasten that issue.

(John Scully) #87

I think Musk is a visionary in the Steve Jobs mould, the Apple share price on 01/01/2007, before the iPhone launch, was $12, today it’s $177. If Musk sorts out the Model 3 then their share price today could well be a bargain.

(John Withall) #88

Yes a visionary, but Steve Jobs was also a thief and possibly Elon to as Nickolai have claimed their patents have been infringed. Thankfully society benefits from visionaries even if they have a tough time.

Anyway, news is, the near silence of EV’s and hybrids at slow speeds has worried the EU and all of these vehicles will have to be fitted with a noise producing device by 2021.

(stella wood) #89

:upside_down_face: when the first electric cars became available…a member of our commune bought one… excellent idea… except that we could not hear him coming…
After a few near misses with folk who stand on the street by their properties (no pavements) and he started to toot his horn to tell folk he was coming.

Our village street is narrow with blind bends… so I suggested someone walk in front waving a red flag… mm… he was not amused…

(John Scully) #90

The first electric cars…


They’ve been around a long, long time Stella.

(stella wood) #91

I think they are wonderful… but folk are used to/tuned into the sound of an engine…:smile::upside_down_face: and will move out of the way before anything dangerous comes their way… Bruno’s electric car is so stealthy… it takes all of us by surprise… :upside_down_face::relaxed::open_mouth:

(John Scully) #92

Yes John, Xerox invented windowing and the mouse (and ethernet and the laser printer, if my memory serves me well) at their Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC) but Jobs understood the significance. He was really a design genius I suppose, not a technology one. Gates was the real thief though IMO. Nothing original ever came out of MS except bugs :slight_smile:

I’m sure these self braking systems will help with the running people over issue. My new car slammed on the brakes a few times when it thought there was an obstruction in the road, quite disconcerting. I’ve turned down the sensitivity now but I’m sure it will jam on if someone walks out in front of me. Not going to test it though.

(John Withall) #93

I should have added, the noise generators will also have to be retro fitted to all the current vehicles to.

(John Scully) #94

I’ll go for a Ferrari V12 at full chat noise :sunglasses:

(John Withall) #95

Should move the pedestrians lol. I was thinking a Scooby WRX but they are looking at white noise, at least that’s better than black noise haha

(stella wood) #96

I like the engine “noise” from some cars… :hugs:

(Maxime Sorin) #97

You can now buy an electric wagon, and it is custom tuned in the UK


The interesting fact is that this custom version is 13 kgs ighter than the sedan stock version thanks to the use of carbon fiber

(John Withall) #98

Yes I have watched the development of the Tesla Estate, all so his dog can ride in the back, Ahhh.

Shame Elon hasn’t recognised what people want, even Ford are stopping production of saloons in favour of SUV’s

(John Withall) #99

Fisker have anounced their cars will have solid state batteries in 2020. James Dyson has also purchased a solid state battery company so this could be the game changer for electric cars, fast charging, smaller or longer range battery packs and much safer technology.

Tesla will have switch technology or it will hit them very hard as their giga factory is tooled up for LiOn batteries.

(stella wood) #100

fascinating… thanks John