Electric cars

(John Scully) #141

Yes Maxime, electric (and steam) engines produce maximum torque from zero revs on. The only reason for a gearbox with internal combustion engine is the relatively narrow power and torque bands. Most diesels and some petrol engines also have the problem of turbo lag as the turbo too only operates efficiently within a limited rev range. My car has seven gears and two turbos, one for low end boost and one for the higher revs. All that goes in the bin with an electric motor :slight_smile:

(John Withall) #142

Glad you enjoyed it Maxine, I think you have spelled out the key. Go and try one! Sadly I just can’t see myself in a Tesla, mainly for financial reasons but if Korea can make enough Kia & Hyundai’s it could be the next step. Norway pre ordered 25,000 Hyudai Kona’s, Korea will ship 2500 in a year, I see a problem

(Maxime Sorin) #143

7 gears and two turbos ? Do you drive a corvette or a Viper ?

(Maxime Sorin) #144

YEah the problem is the price…swooooosh ! It’s the same price than an AMG luxury V8 estate. I’ll stick to my titanium randonneuse to go to work for the moment

(John Scully) #145

A VW Tiguan :slight_smile: but a 240BHP one. I have a 200BHP Morgan for sunny days though. They are a great contrast. I’ll swap the Tiguan for a hybrid or electric in due course and then have one high tech and one low tech car to play with. Very balanced.

(John Withall) #146

The annual Pikes Peak race in the US was one by an electric Volkswagen setting an all time record.

(Maxime Sorin) #147

Like french would say :“un homme de goût !”

one for the week, one for the week-end.

If I had the money, I would have a Vauxhall C for the week, and a Lotus Exige Cup sport for the week-end !

(John Withall) #148

Maybe that will change to a Tesla roadster for the weekend? But a vauxhall?

(David Martin) #149

What is a Vauxhall C?

(Maxime Sorin) #150

I typed wrong sorry, I was meaning the Vauwhall VXR clubsport tourer, also known in Australia as the HSV Clubsport R8 tourer

(John Withall) #151

Still much slower than Tesla P100D 2.5 seconds 0-60
Good job this thread is about electric cars and not last century ICE filthy fossil burners :joy::joy::joy:

(David Martin) #152

Speed isn’t everything. Back in the 1960s Athens electric trolley busses would out drag our Alfa Romeo Giulia Super but I know which I would prefer to drive.

(John Scully) #153

That’s the max torque from zero revs again.

(John Scully) #154

An excellent choice of toys :slight_smile:

(John Withall) #155

Volkswagen, that fine purveyor of diesel cars has just invested £75 million into Quantumscape a solid state battery manufacturer. I doubt that would happen unless a new tech battery was on the cards. Doubles the range and quarters the charging time (possibly)

BP has started to buy Chargemaster, the UK’s largest car charging network for £130 million, well they will lose so much revenue on fossil fuels if they don’t but how long before they start overcharging (pun intended) us to use them, charge at home when you can and upset the shareholders!

(David Martin) #156

The BP decision is double sided, they rely on the income that they get from non fuel sales at their filling stations and as fossil fuelled cars are replaced by electric they need to give the drivers a reason to stop.

(John Withall) #157

Fuel stations try to make money from add one, tricky when people can pay at the pump. With longer stops for charging they can easily sell add one, food coffee etc. Big changes for these stations

(Jane Williamson) #158

We have a Mercedes 220 estate first registered in 2003 .
Even the Mercedes garage in Macon says it is a good car.
It seems that the quality of build of newer cars is not as good.
Your Morgan is green ,it has a wooden frame!

(John Scully) #159

I agree that build quality today is different. I’ve had several Mercs and I prefer those designed before the mid nineties. They were designed and built by engineers to a quality standard not by accountants to a market segment price point. It was really Mercedes and Porsche that dominated the quality German car market back then.

My first Merc was an E220 (W124) company car in South Africa which was Africa spec built at the Mercedes plant in East London. It was bulletproof. In two years we took that car all over South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. It never missed a beat and went places today’s soft roaders wouldn’t manage.

She was also a great cruiser on the long straight African roads. I remember doing 1000 miles in one day from Zambia to Johannesburg en famille and we all arrived home refreshed and relaxed, despite me having to regularly slam on the brakes and disappear into the bush due to a tummy bug.

Mercedes lost it’s way when it went for volume and bought Chrysler in 1998 and instead of Chrysler coming up to Mercedes standards, Mercedes sank to Chrysler’s. I don’t think they ever fully recovered their cachet.

On our return to Europe I bought a new CLK compressor but I was disappointed with the build quality so in 2001 I traded it in for a year old silver SL320 (R129). These were the last of the classic Mercedes sports cars and eye-wateringly expensive but wonderfully built. I kept her until 2016, perfectly maintained and in tip top condition. I often think I should have hung on to her just for old times sake but I’d acquired a few other cars and she was surplus to requirements. Plus her handling was from another era and she was RHD which made her awkward on the tight French roads.

IMO Mercs today are just like any other German car, well built and resonable value for money but soulless. Take VW as an extreme example. All tastes and price ranges are catered for, the price conscious and modest customers in Seat and Skoda, the posh and flash ones in Audi and Porsche and the very well off in Bentley and Lamborghini with the actual VW brand nestling somewhere in between them all. Despite all the segmentation they are all made with the same bits :cowboy_hat_face:. Even bikers are catered for now since VW owns Ducati.

In contrast the Morgan is nothing but character and soul and isn’t cursed with any of that predictable German reliability, thus bringing back the adventure and excitement, even into a trip to the shops. She’s fun and a challenge to drive, with a throttle bodied motor and OEM rear coil spring suspension she goes and handles like a bat out of hell :fearful:. She’s not green though and her chassis is steel, only the rear bodywork and the doors are wooden framed and it’s even “cuprinoled” these days :relieved: . She’s one of sixty Super Sports built in 2012 to celebrate the 1962 Morgan Le Mans class win. All sixty were RHD but the Italian Morgan dealer (since 1920) bought three, two white and one RAF blue, and converted them to LHD, I bought the blue one, number 26.

(John Withall) #160

Meanwhile discussing the electric car…:grin::grin:
Hyundai Kona prices and spec have at last been announced, you still can’t actually get one but you can put your name down.