Electric heating

Normally heat is pushed down to the floor to displace the cold and get it to mix not stratify. Cold old the other hand is usually broadcast sideways to cool the naturally warmer air higher up.
Of course up to you but thats how its usually done.

Thanks to all 3 or you.
@graham I’ll know where to look if have to replace one eventually then.

@_Brian Yes ours have that and I do have the various ones set to the direction we require, but they do not seem to be very obedient or effective.

@Corona I think the installers of ours, New Wave Energies in Limoges, were more interested in making a sale than giving valid advice. For instance, the 2nd one was required to be in the kitchen but also to heat a 6 metre long double glazed veranda at right angles to the kitchen. We asked for it to be fitted on the wall above a door facing that veranda. The kitchen was less important because of south facing sunshine and kitchens are generally warmer anyway. We were prepared for the alterations necessary for this to be achieved but they said no we couldn’t do that and in any case the vanes could be set to direct the warm air 90°. Sadly not so but we have overcome that a different way.

to be fair, we don’t actually use the wave feature on any of the three we have but we do set the fins to stop at a convenient point in order for the air (warm or cold as used) to have some direction to benefit our comfort levels and seating positioning etc.

Ours are persistent in respect of the direction after switching off and back on again. For the up and down movement, the doors close when switched off of course but return to their prior setting when switched back on. We do have to look carefully inside the unit to see where the left and right fins are set though - not always obvious but they too seem to remember their positions on restart.

Exactly, David!! That’s the term used by our menuisier and we both thought it was hilarious!

Do you want to know the alternative suggested? :joy:

does it become a question of


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I already know tha alternatives, David but of course I’m far too polite to use them on here :rofl:

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OK, I must apologise for my sweeping statement on air to air heat pumps! I should have said that I am not a fan of MY system!

Mine is split level with a central blower in the attic with ducts to each room. Although it is a relatively small 3 bed ‘dormer bungalow’ type, well constructed, insulated and glazed, the ducting is the real issue I think:

The ducting requires a lot of space to reach each room. So lots of false ceilings and good for the mice to run around :grinning:
The ducting is a huge attraction for the mice :grinning:
The dormer (next to the central blower is like a furnace, but the rooms further away only get a trickle of warm air (yes, careful adjustment of control flaps necessary).
Warm air rises, so warm heads and chilly feet! Great though in summer when it reverses!
I need to have the system on most of the day to feel the true effect - especially when very cold outside.
I think the installer could have speccd me up a size. It is reasonably good as is, but I do need the secondary heat source for total comfort.

But it has operated trouble free for nine years. It is a Daiken. In all honesty, yes I would consider again, but not ducted. I think an ‘over sized’ one with remote room units is better. If there is a next time, I will seriously consider ground source to under floor water…

Does anyone have any experience in electric wall mounted panels/radiators?

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That’s all we have (apart from the woodburner) but ours are quite old so I don’t think they would be representative of what is currently available.

we did consider that as an option before we settled on the system we now have and by all accounts from what you say, we were right not to go along that route.
I guess it’s somewhat similar in concept to the idea of heat recovery from room to room that was de rigour a few years back?
Friends of ours had a similar sort of system but driven by their wood burner insert and their complaint was about the amount of dust generated in the rooms…

We have electric wall mounted heaters, filled with a gel of some sort to retain some heat. They are electronically controlled and can be set to increase/decrease temperature on an individual hourly / day basis. They are now five years old, newer ones can be Wifi controlled, zoned and have other features ours do not.
We have a log burner as an alternative heat source and use it as the moment to try and keep our electricity usage down as much as possible. The reason we installed them was because the house only had the log burner and the separate wiring points had been installed for wall heaters when the barn was converted into a house. There are large ranges of these type of radiators at Brico, Leroy Merlin etc, prices high to low depending on capacity, features and brand.

Mine is Mitsubishi too and I can set the vane to up or down so the heat blows right down into the kitchen area but never directly down onto the floor. The programmer box is easy to use but the book is a volume so I had a lesson with the electrician when he came to gas the unit after installation. He has booked me to come for the yearly service this August and if its another really hot summer at least the unit throws out very good air conditioning too.

Ahh that explains a lot more, ducting warm air is always a bit of an issue in a domestic situation. More commonly domestic split systems just have a couple of copper pipes running from the external unir to the fan unit inside which can be numerous depending on the system 1-6 often. I just wish they would make the wall mounted indoor unit look more atractive, maybe give the project to an Italian designer?

We have the system fitted in our cottage, going to the conservatory, two bedrooms, TV room and an outlet for the bedroom in the stables, works great and we have not got any dust as a problem, this is off a Supra 18kw insert with fan assist warm air manifold hood.


Shouldnt be any dust as the pipes are separated from the flue pipes. Any dust was already in the house :flushed:

Indeed. The reason I went with ducted was to lose the remote wall units. In truth, I was doing the macho bit and would not be told what was best as I already misguided myself into the ducted option! (I also refuse to read flat-pack instruction sheets too :grinning:)

Peter, yes I am delving into all the panel/radiator options and must say that many look pretty good. I am experimenting with a 2Kw Brico oil filled radiator and am blown off my feet by the heat output relative to the cost - I can only presume that the panel ceramic types are as good. But I still like the 3.5Kw fan unit…!

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Sometimes they’re OK…

IKEA Instructions


@Geof_Cox that’s 6 glasses according to my reckoning :wink: