Electric Kiln - for ceramics - has anyone seen one available?


Just putting out a general thought, please: has anyone got any leads to a good used electric kiln for firing ceramic pottery?

I’ve got searches out via leboncoin.fr, and checking ebay.fr and even thinking about going to the UK and buying one and bringing back here. My concern would be changing the plugs to fit French electrical outlets for the latter.

Just putting out a feeler just in case. Cheers.

AFAIK it’s not beyond the wit of anyone of average intelligence to rewire a 3-pin plug from UK to a French equivalent, and there are lots of YouTube demonstrations of what wire goes where for you to do it safely Mary.

And lots of cheap naked virgin plugs in big supermarkets and bricostores :smiley:

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The rewireable French fiches all look a bit naff though - I prefer (if possible) to use the moulded ones with cable attached and change the whole appliance flex.