Electric mowers

I follow the lead of my neighbour. If he is cutting grass on Sunday afternoon or late into the summer evening then so do I.
My neighbour is always there if I need him and is very considerate to me and my 3 other nieghbours in our hamlet, one of which is his elderly mother. He cuts the grass verges and recently arranged to have all overhanging foliage trimmed along the roadside.
My neighbour also just happens to be the deputy maire!
He’s a good egg and looks after us all.


OK so I need to look at both numbers then? So I’m guessing 5ah won’t give me 5 hours? I’d like 45-60 minutes if possible but no idea if they do that!

Has anyone actually got an around 100€ mower they can recommend?

@JaneJones very keen on a strimmer (well whipper-snipper where I’m from :rofl: ) as well as it seems I am fussier than the man shape about edges but can’t start our petrol one and it is too heavy. What have you got?

Sorry ignore, I see you said what you have!

Might give you some insight.

No they don’t, at least if they’re recent ones - our rechargeable strimmer is virtually silent, much lighter and less hassle than its two stroke predecessor and is generally, just wonderful!

What one have you got Mark?

Thanks @Corona I’ll have a look.

What i like about battery/electric tools, chainsaw, strimmer etc is you dont smell of fumes 30 seconds after you start it.



What one have you got Mark?

It’s a Black and Decker, which traditionally(!) was a good British make. The spec and prices have probably changed since we bought ours last year, but at the time it was the best combination of value for money and reliability.

And it’s still very good - did this year’s first cut this week!

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What I like about cordless electric strimmers is that they start right away and one isn’t trying to mix fuels to the exact ratio in some plastic container.

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I find that there is a high pitched drone/buzz/hum that puts my teeth on edge. So whilst nicer that a two-stroke it is still unpleasant if you are trying to relax in your garden. So prefer if people stick to the rules - and we get one peaceful afternoon a week.

I am looking at one for the small lawns at the cottage, but elsewhere on the farm we have too big an area and petrol strimmers and a ride on mower are the only real option unfortunately.

I looked at a B&D CM2040 but was put off by the unreliability reports.

Ours doesn’t do that, there’s just a gentle whirring sound, even the poodle which unfortunately is melodramatically-sensitive to ‘foreign’ noises, isn’t disturbed by our electric strimmer

@toryroo Google MP46-40Li (just the product number).
It’s Scheppach 40V lawnmower - they make lots of stuff for Aldi.

Their own website is messy, especially if you don’t make it stick to German. But if you Google the product numbers usually a raft of offers from rhe likes of Cdiscount, ManoMano and sometimes French bricos comes up. Most of their stuff is solid, really solid. You’ll see the review stars when the links come up.

I think they might have done the Robot lawnmower, I think it was about 99 euros, that was in Aldi a couple of weeks ago. Have you thought about a robot?

Here’s the Scheppach 40V garden appliances page https://shop.scheppach.com/akku-gartengeraet-40v
If I can get it to show in French I will add the link

Left both in as sometimes they are not the same

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We got this one 2 years ago and so far it’s been very good.

We’ve just got the one battery… It lasts about 25 minutes which is sadly not enough to do the entire garden in one charge - but it’s a good excuse to take a break :wink: Takes a couple of hours to fully charge a flat battery.

It’s very manoeuvrable and easy to use, even when the grass collector is full. Don’t think I could go back to a corded one now.

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I have a Mikita 36 volt, 2x18 volt 5 Amp BAtteries. Superb machine. Cuts happily for 25 mins. Cant fault it. Bought from Brico Privé, on a Deal.

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We have one of these also - I prefer the newer model that now includes a steel deck and mulching - ours has a plastic deck and does not mulch. It is pretty good - but would be an expensive solution for @toryroo. (Makita mower + charger + 2x batteries would be approx 300 euros)

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'Melodramatically sensitive to foreign noises". I say again your poodle is so very French :slight_smile: . I loved that first picture of her.

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Thanks, Gigi’s a lovely dog and several times each week we get stopped on the street by people wishing to pay her compliments, including, << C’est magnifique ! >> which doesnt’t quite correspond to my, admittedly limited, understanding of the phrase. Nevertheless, whether ‘magnifique’ or ‘belle’, she’s certainly no bimbo, poodles are supposed (by some at least) to be the most intelligent of breeds and I’ve certainly no reason to disagree.

However, Gigi only eats one or two blades of grass a week, so it’s unlikely that she would be a satisfactory substitute for a cordless strimmer.

Neither have I, in the dim and distant past, I trained a standard poodle to be a very good gun dog. Nice dogs.

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I’ve had a Bosch Rotak 37 battery-powered lawnmower for a few years now - we don’t have a huge area of grass but it does the lot on about half to 2/3rds of a charge, and is acceptably quiet. I buy a new blade for it each year but the original battery is still going strong.

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