Electric oven "ATTENTION : résistance de sole HS à changer"

I’m searching leboncoin for an electric oven/stove. I found one that looks good, I think.

This note in the description mystifies me: “ATTENTION : résistance de sole HS à changer”

Can anyone tell me more about what this means?

After a bit of googling - probably the bottom heating element has died.

PS - this link might shed some light http://guide.piecemania.com/four/resistance/sole/


I agree - lower heating element needs replacing.

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Thanks kindly.

Yes, from the link Paul provided, I see now (translated to English): “When a resistor fails, the heat produced inside the oven decreases. The distribution of heat is less good. Result: your dishes take longer to cook, cooking is not homogeneous. When the resistance is completely out of order, the observation is quite simple to make. Your cooking will be very long and poorly done. The problem is more complicated to identify if your resistance is partially damaged. In this case it still heats up but only on one part.”

So hmmmmm. Perhaps it’s time to look at something like Consumer Reports to see if this brand, Whirlpool, for this model oven/stove, has a problem in that it would burn out often or if the replaced part is too expensive to bother buying the appliance.

Maybe it’s okay for this part to need to be replaced. Whirlpool’s generally a good appliance brand…?

It’s a bit like the same car built for American or European markets, no less reliable for one than the other. Look at either mistergooddeal.com or cdiscount.com often good bargains to be had on brand new (Maybe end of range) appliances.

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Thanks Mark. I edited my question, thinking that it was too confusing. I appreciate your answering the part I had edited out, about trying to figure out if the quality of a brand in one country would translate to being of good quality in another country. Cheers. The links look really helpful, too.

I arrived here (from U.K.) with my uk appliances big and small such as chest freezer and fridge and toaster and kettle …and plenty of adaptors…everything uk works fine via adaptors but I am gradually buying French equivalents such as a strimmer and as there is only me here at present rather than buy a conventional oven and hob I bought a microwave size Thompson tabletop oven and grill and spit roast for around €100…it’s great…I also have a Prakti stove out back and a primus gas stove (one burner) should my electric go off which it’s scheduled to go off tomorrow…My home is all electric but I also invested in paraffin heaters and they are brilliant too and I prefer the instant heat to the slow heat from the electric radiators…and to be honest I hardly use the installed electric radiators…Before next winter I aim to also have a freestanding cylinder gas heater as my much loved paraffin heaters are powered by electric for ignition and fan…,France is not a third world country and any electrical appliances big or small are easily available both in superstores and online…I prepared for every eventuality to the extent of bringing my own camping toilet…lol…it wasn’t necessary and remains boxed and untouched in the attic…,x :smiley:

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Helen, this is great to learn, all of it. So… your electric is scheduled to go off, tomorrow??

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Yep electric scheduled to go off tomorrow afternoon for about 4 hours…they sent a letter about 3 weeks ago so I have it in my diary…they did the same last year only it was a morning…don’t know what they’re doing…hoping it’s nothing to do with smart meters as I absolutely don’t want one…x :slight_smile:

Now I have to ask… Why wouldn’t you want a smart meter?

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Health reasons… and the subversive roll out of 5G and the smart grid…I’m happy with an analogue meter…I don’t want a smart meter…in uk I would know how to decline…here I’m hoping to be fluent enough if and when the time comes that I need to decline…x :slight_smile:

Too funny!!! Watch out Helen - Big Brother is out to get you - :-:scream::scream::scream:

And for you Mary:

A smart meter is an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. (Wiki)

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I followed that link, it does not mention the other more common symptom. With an internal fracture it may not be measurable or detectable when the oven is cool. Heat the element up though and a short circuit to the metal casing can occur. That will throw the RDC trip switch, which wil not reset until the element cools, or the appliance unplugged. We had fun over Christmas with that one. Fortunately for us, the fusepanel is in the cellar, next to the wine store :wink:
The mainstream high street manufacturers seem to be building their appliances with the same basic components these days, often with the same chassis too. Replacing an element is not too tricky, bit messy though.
If one is in any doubt, do get an electrician do it

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I’m looking forward to having a Linky meter installed for a number of reasons. I saw a letter sent to someone who lives in the nearby town about the installation of one in her house. The letter makes it quite clear that the installation is not an option, it will happen.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already.

David is quite right. The Smart meters (whatever you like to call them) are being put into new installations… and if your current meter is found to be faulty… it will be changed for the Smart meter. This is clearly outlined in the blurb on the Electricity sites. All installations will have them by the year … (2020 or 2030 something like that…) As I say, the info is already out there, but I don’t have my glasses on and cannot find it at the moment… :wink: )

There will always be someone who has NOT had the Smart meter fitted…no need to tell us, we know it happens… but the Electricity folk will catch up with each and every one of us in the end… :sunglasses:

Lol…surveillance…not so much…any smartphone equals surveillance although it’s interesting how when cctv cameras could really help solve a crime then they are apparerently turned off…My issue with smart meters is not so much surveillance but that they are based on military grade milimetre wave crowd dispersal technology…and they have a tendency to set fire to your home…I’d rather not have one no matter how innocuous the mainstream media hype cause them to appear…and I particularly resent the inference that I have no choice…with love as always…mwah…! :kissing_heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwZihW54rCw

On the bright side although even if I get press ganged pressurised and hob nailed booted into “compliance” with something I really don’t want then my home…guaranteed will never become this…! x :smiley: https://gizmodo.com/the-house-that-spied-on-me-1822429852