Electric pool cleaners

(Dave Smith2) #1

Hi everyone - any recommendations for electrically operated pool cleaners? Our pool is figure 8 about 32sq m and has an odd system of a skimmer built into a set of steps!

There is no side port, so I'm looking at electrically operated robots. A neighbour has a Turbo Elite which he says works well and climbs the side walls ok.

They all look a bit pricey though!

Any inputs welcome, thanks in advance.

(Dave Smith2) #2

Hi John, many thanks, will take some piccies and email you!

(John Withall) #3

Ok Dave, you have one of the modified versions (sand filter) not cartridge. Any chance of some photos?

Maybe easier sending them to john@le-pre.co.uk

Adding a couple of skimmers and a few returns would work wonders for the flow pattern and that means more dirt/leaves in the skimmers, less on the floor. Of course you'll have to empty the skimmers more often but it could save a robot cleaner purchase.

(Dave Smith2) #4

Hi John, thanks for stopping by and appreciate your input.

Yes, it's a Crystal pool - alreday here when we bought the house. The skimmer and return setup is a bit weird, but works ok. We do live in amongst woodland, so lots of very high trees about. Not much problem with leaves at the moment, but I seem to need to vac the bottom and/or brush the sides almost every day at the moment. pH level and chlorine seem ok. I am getting some green appearing on sides and bottom just now, although it was really clear most of last month. Filtering is on for 3-4 hours a day, pool is about 50 cu m.

It's mostly pretty clear, it's just the regulat bottom vac and side brushing I was looking to replace with a robot.

We have a sand filter. How could we improve the filter setup? Appreciate your thoughts.

(John Withall) #5

A Crystal pool?

The double bubble does give an interesting flow pattern.

Pricey is tricky all down to perception but these pool cleaners don't learn your pool so they are a bit random and miss parts. This is why some of the more costly units have a remote steering control so you can guide them to the parts they miss.

How dirty does your pool get, surrounding trees or pretty clear?

Personally spending the budget for a pool robot on improving the filter setup would be the way I would go but they may not be your thoughts but as you have noted the skimmer currently isn't wonderful.