Electrical requirements for Consuel

We have a renovation which is classed as a new build with new complete electrics.
Initially we employed a French electrician who has let us down in all sorts of ways and we have kicked him into touch, and are pursueing him through the courts.
We are now in a position to correct and finish his work with a recommended electrician, and wil be started in the next week or two.
Since I will be doing alot of ground work I would like to know if light fittings can be installed inside and outside. I have been given conflict information. ‘No you can not’ or ‘yes you can’. Obviously, external fittings need to be water tight, so what do I do.
Any help will be appriciated. Thank you.

Of course, just need to ensure those outside are IP44 rated

There’s a thread which cover most of this in regard to a reno here:

Thanks Mark. That makes sense. The electrician ‘the one I sacked’ asked for the fittings and then told me he was not allowed to fit them and he fitted (wait for it) ordinary fittings dangling on the cable!!

I think most “modern” electricians these days will fit what you give them to fit, provided they are fit for purpose. It used to be that French electricians fitted cheap plastic bulb holders to everything lighting wise, and left it to the owner to change (or no doubt they would be more than happy to give you an extra devis to do it :currency_exchange::currency_exchange::currency_exchange::currency_exchange:)

I think you’ll find that “outside” circuits have to be “outside” circuits for new installations - ie have their own MCB - what modern normes don’t allow is an external light on a general lighting circuit (same with sockets) - obviously if you’re improving existing circuits (ie: an external light spurred off an “internal” circuit based on previous normes that’s already in place) that doesn’t HAVE to conform to the latest norme. Basically don’t just spur off the nearest lighting circuit it should have a new/separate circuit (obviously you can use the same external circuit for other lights).

Obviously suitable IP rating on the actual light

Interesting… We have an external socket on the same MCB as the lounge sockets which was passed by the CONSUEL on their inspection 7 years ago (new build). Have the normes changed in more recent times?

Do you know if internal lights can be fitted. These were purchased in France, and the electrician did the same - told me he needed them and then said he was allowed to fit them. Can they be fitted before the Consuel inspection?

Of course they can, as long as they are fitted inside…

CONSUEL will have no problem with any & all of your final light fittings being in place. In fact it is a requirement in a “salle d’eau” so that they can asssess their suitablity if they are placed in any of the restricted volumes. If you haven’t decided on fittings then suitable DCLs must be in place with temporary “douilles DCL” plugged in. The unbiquitous “douilles de chantier” that are used for testing purposes are NOT acceptable for a CONSUEL inpsection.

Not entirely correct. If a light fitting or socket is attached to the building containing the installation that feeds it then they can be part of internal lighting or socket circuits. However, once such items are separate from the building (e.g. illuminated bollards along a drive edge, a garden lamp standard, or a socket situated away from the house) they must have their own circuits fed via a dedicated différentiel. P.S. An exception; If an outside socket fitted to a house is intended to be used for charging an electric vehicle then if must be supplied via a dedicated circuit.

See my other reply to chrisell.

Mis read that then … for some reason I had it in my mind you needed a new circuit. Means I can spend a day swearing whilst trying to feed new cables into an ancient light - not sure whether I’m grateful for that or not.