Electricity Providers in France

Hello everyone

Having yet again received an extortionate bill from EDF, I am now trying to find out about electricity providers in France.

I have found Poweo but all the others seem to be providers that only operate in their own departments.

I also came across an article that said EDF do not take back clients who have gone to another provider.... in other words, it could be risky to leave EDF if other providers suddenly upped their tarifs.

Does anyone out there have details of electricity providers and can anyone confirm if EDF do infact refuse to take back clients?

I need to economise as with the financial crisis hitting small businesses in my area (3!!! in my street closed in 2010) I really need to reduce costs, otherwise I too will be spending 2011 at the Pole Emploi!

Help please!!

Hi Yvette

Well in the end I decided to stay with EDF as I am currently entitled to CMU mutuelle healthcare which carries with it a right to have EDF elec bills reduced plus entitlement to Fonds Solidarite Europeen (an EU Fund for people who receive CMU); if it all works out I will have a signifcant reducution on my bill this year. If my situation changes I will once again start researching other providers and will be happy to pass any useful info on. In the meantime good luck with your move and hope you settle in well.

Hi Sarah

I'm in Department 92 and about to move house and so looking into the sme question - I wondered if you had any luck - (whilst trembling in horror at the idea of customer service worse than france telecom!). Until now we have always rented so it's a totally new minefield. I'll try the search that Tracy recommneded too.

I'd really appreciate any feedback,


Thanks Tracy

Will go to the link.

Must say your comments made me snicker - I am in the process of sending the same information to RSI that I have already sent 6 times in the past six months! And don’t get me started on URSSAF!

I dont have gas, but I can tell you all my friends (french and english) who deal with Gaz de France feel the same way as you do!

Thanks again for the info

How long is a piece of string - we changed from EDF/GDF to Direct Energie last year on the basis of using a comparison site like this one below:


Direct Energie are cheaper for us and I would pay more to them just to not have to deal with Gaz de France who would actually get my award for the worst customer service in France. And that includes my dealings with Les Impots, Orange and the RSI!

Belated thanks to Amber and Jon for your advice! Will keep away from Direct and good to know that EDF now take back clients - I have a vague memory of the law being changed last year in order to allow competition in. And thanks, Jon, I will try again although don’t hold out much hope as I have been ‘negotiating’ with EDF for three years!
Onwards and upwards, as they say
Thanks again!

At least it wasn’t this bad…