Electricity supply for standalone car charging

We own a cave, separate to our main house, which is where we park. It’s about 200 metres from the house and has no electricity – which we’d like to remedy.
So, we need to get an electricity supply to a place which has no house number (because its not a house), and also add a car charging point.

I know that we would need to contact Enedis for the supply, and an electrician for the consumer unit. My question is about the sequence – is it best to have the consumer unit ready before talking to Enedis or vice versa? My ideal solution would an electrician project managing the whole work. Is that conceivable?

Under ‘additional complications’ because the cave has no “house number”, it would presumably have to start to be its own address, and need its own contract with EDF etc. Has anyone done this and can advise on the process?

The main purpose in getting electricity is to install a car charge point. Has anyone got any experience of this or opinions on the best supplier of charging points? We’d also need to consider security for the charge point – physical lock or key code?



And what if Enedis says no? I think I’d get all my ducks in a row before pushing the button on any of it🙂

Hello @GParsons81 and welcome to SurviveFrance.

I’m not at all sure that a separate number would be needed for your cave if it’s not being lived in as it’s only habitable property (I think) that has its own number . Do you own all the land between you and the cave? We have a separate barn about 50m from the house which is becoming a workshop and this has a supply but it’s run off the house one so would be different from your situation.

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, to be clear, the cave is a separate property, there are maybe 10 houses between. It’s on the same road, near to other houses, so one would think it’s convenient for Enedis supply. All electric wires have to be underground in the village - keeps it pretty.

Fair point!

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When we moved our electricity supply we first got a quote from EDF/Endenis to install the supply. We had the consumer units in place which they connected to. But since there can be a big delay between getting devis and getting work done I would get all the devis in places and then press “go”.

The car charging point had to be installed by an electrician registered for thsi work.

Linky meters have a point de livraison

There’s no reason that ENEDIS would have a problem with what you are asking. Make a demande at… https://connect-racco.enedis.fr/prac-internet

As others have said I’d leave the rest of things until you have a definite scheme & devis from ENEDIS.

Yes, any borne de recharge above 3,7kW must be installed by a person with the correct certification.

When applying for the supply you might want to consider having a triphasé supply, if you have vehicles that can make full use of AC level 2 charging (if they say they take 22kW AC then that is what they are).

Even if you only have vehicles that take monophasé AC then the tri option might be a good way to future proof things. A mono EV can use a tri charger, but not the other way round.

I would recommend engaging an electrician that can deal with the whole thing, especially as the installation will require an Attestation de Conformité from CONSUEL before the supply is made live.


Welcome to the forum…

In 2022, our commune issued numbers to all properties (and road names, but that’s another story…)

Anyway… our garage is on a separate plot to our house… indeed it’s 600+ yards from our house… with many properties in between…
BEFORE 2022… the Garage EDF Bill was simply showing the site-address as “le garage” but the building has NOW been given its own property number… which is proudly displayed on the wall beside the electric garage door…
and we’ve had to advise EDF about this “amendment to the address”

Perhaps you should have a word with your Mairie about your situation… and also EDF since your cave will have at least a Cadastre/Parcel number to identify it.

best of luck

We’ve one of these and it’s unlocked with a (provided) smart card.

On the farm we are numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 0 is the cottage, 1 is the hanger, 2 is the barn, 3 is the stables and 4 is the dairy, we checked with La Poste and the Maire and they confirmed that is right.
We used to get loads of junk mail :grinning:

good to find someone in a similar situation. We will check with the mairie. Presumably ‘le garage’ has its own EDF bill, including standing charge? Can an EDF online account show both properties? thanks

thanks. Interesting reading, looks like a good candidate. I see this chargepoint has various internet features, but presumably does not require an internet connection for basic charging? (we have no plans to equip the cave with broadband!)

thanks for the very specific guidance. Future proofing always preferred. Pushing my luck here, is there an easy way to find electricians with the relevant accreditations? I wondered about asking a car dealership …

Ours was recommended by the garage where we bought our Little Evie

Our (Wallbox) charger was installed by specialists specifically recommended by the garage that we had bought our EV from (ie like @JaneJones). The advantage was that when response times to set up an RDV/devis became rather too leisurely for our tastes, the garage was able to ‘encourage’ the installers Into action…

Each property has its own EDF Bill… each has its own EDF Contract (6kW at our garage and 9kW at our house)…and each Bill clearly shows a different “pole” (point of delivery)

I’ve no idea if EDF can combine properties into one account (but possibly on-line EDF personal space… simply swapping contract numbers to check one’s situation…)…

each property is independent… so each Bill has its own standing charges etc etc etc

You can have one client number, but can have numerous contracts under that.

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Fair enough… we have different client numbers for the different properties… even though the client is always us… :wink: