Electricity tariffs may be set to rise... again

Not sure what the final outcome will be…

What do you mean maybe? EDF announced a year back they would be increasing each year for the next 5 last year. They have to grab whet they can because we’ll all be off grid and will be the end of them!

Until they devise a new tax to allow green solutions like going off grid :grin:


Ha ha… John… I did not want to give anyone heart-failure… and, of course, this “exceptional augmentation” might yet be quashed… the government did that once before… :fearful:

Then added the balancing figure some time later which people are still paying…:thinking:

yep… @Graham_Lees hence my look of horror at the very thought…

I am only 6 numbers away from going off grid :grin:

I’ve been semi off grid since 2003, got a hydro system that works when there is sufficient water in the river and can produce up to 25 kW/hr - usually December to May. Unfortunately my water authorisation (to borrow about 20% of the river water for 300 m) has expired now and due to law changes, I need to provide an environmental impact study and an ecological survey to have any chance of getting it reinstated. This will cost at least 20k with no guarantees that it will be granted.
Anyone interested in buying a complete hydroelectric turbine system? 2 available, one at 25 kW and secondary at about 3 kW? (depending on flow, head of water etc)

Feel your pain Mark, pathetic civil servants. I suppose you have researched to see if you can get a green initiative grant to cover any of the research costs. Do they insist mill owners do this with their water wheels?

I have long wondered why “wave power” was not used more… good for you that you managed to get your system up and running… darn nuisance now for you though… :zipper_mouth_face:

If it’s a mill with the original wheel and built before the french revolution, and is on the carte Cassini, then no problems. Anything else these days needs to jump through unlimited hoops unfortunately. As far as I can determine, there are no green initiative grants available for these types of installations.
Absolutely ridiculous really, and after 6 years I’ve now run out of energy to keep fighting, and I had to have a police interview last year few- still waiting to hear from the prosecutor.

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