Electricity to norm

(Ray Harris) #1


I wonder if anyone has had their house upgraded to electrical nomrs recently? We are taking on a house near Fontenay le Comte which will need re-wiring to present norms. It is about 170 sq.m (maison de maitre style stone house). Any ideas about estimated costs?

Any help/tips would be appreciated.

(Ray Harris) #2

Thanks David -will send you an email.

(David Rosemont) #3

Please send me your email address as the files are all in excel and don't want to load here. You can send to davidjohn.rosemont@sfr.fr. I assume you have excel.

(Ray Harris) #4

Merci Andrew, It sounds as if your estimate is likely as copper seems to have gone up recently.


(Ray Harris) #5

Merci David,

Yes the spreadsheet will help me feel better organised!

Thanks for your advice.

(David Rosemont) #6

One thing to consider is the power rating of the main. I had my similar house done about ten years ago so it cost quite a bit less than the fogure quoted by Andrew. However I had some later work done in the dependences and initially I kept the old Chauffe Eau but it gave up after about 8 years. I did not have 6 wire wiring put in to electric rads but wish I had done in retrospect. Consider the number of sockets etc carefully as around here most French owned houses have a pitiful number of sockets. Depends on the sockets and switches you have too. I ended up upgrading the supply to 3 phase eventually as we were having a massive number of trip outs. Despite all this the new main consumer units did nearly catch fire one day when there was a power surchage. We have six smoke detectors in the house plus CO2 detection in the kitchen. Put in TV cabling at the same time. If you need one I can let you have some blank spreadsheets to list everything you need (used to do it for a living!). The work in my house was done by a certified French electrician. They are very busy !!!!!!!!!!

(Andrew Hearne) #7

Very much depends on what you're going to put in - the number of sockets etc. Given the size of the house (although it's more a question of the number of rooms and therefore sockets etc.) a ball-park figure would be 10.000€ but ask a couple of local electricians for a devis ;-)