Is anyone on the red/blue days with EDF? We are thinking of changing over because our bills are so high, we have looked into it a little and should benefit from it. Any info anyone?

you can get an auto switch added to your consumer unit, so that the washing machine and tumble dryer/dishwasher plugs only have juice to them when the heure cresues flicks on.

You can over ride em if nesc

an electricain will fit it for you, then you switch the washing machine on, and it either comes on at 14.00, or oevrnight.


Thank you Alison thats very helpful

We are with EDF and also have heures creuses (quite right as we live in la creuse!) - as a sad english person I am often to be found vacuuming during the two lunchtime hours, when any sensible person would be enjoying a leisurely lunch - I also find the 2 lunchtime hours q. adequate for the average wash. You don’t say how much you are paying at present but suggest u telephone EDF (they have an english speaking service & u’ll find the number for your region if u check out their website. We got our monthly payments significantly reduced this yr just by ringing them - they tend to set u up on what they think the average wasteful person will use, but once u’ve had a couple of meter readings & if your usage is below that “average” they’ll happily reduce it. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t change u over to heures creuse etc if u ask. Give them a call as we have found them helpful whenever we’ve had reason to ring.

Thank you Rebekah.

I’m with Seolis and have heures pleine and heures creuse. So, we get 2 hours at lunchtime and 6 hours at night at a much lower rate. It’s not a perfect system as you need to program washing machines/dishwashers etc to come on during these hours in order to benefit from the cheaper electricity (my family think I’m crazy for doing this, but it does save money). Our bills are still quite high but we don’t have gas or mains water so these savings are factored in, however it still feels like a lot and it’s by far my biggest bill so I pay it monthly. As I understand it red/blue days is a similar system and like heures creuse you do pay a supplement for the service. For me the biggest difference has come from paying monthly and not the dreaded 3 times a year. I hope this has been some help.