Electrics in renovation

Can anybody enlighten me?
The latest “Norme” states 12 sockets max for a circuit but only 6 for a kitchen, does this apply to renovations or just new build?
For heating it states wattage does this mean that you can combine several radiators on one circuit?

I would say the new norme would apply absolutely in a new build as it has to pass the consuel inspection before ERDF will allow connection to the grid.
The only time after that an inspection might call up issues is when/if the property is to be sold.
Other than that, safety is key. Since the inspection regime, the number of deaths across France from electrocution have fallen significantly as have domestic electrical fires so it can’t be a bad thing to follow the norme, can it.
As with these sorts of things, always best to consult a qualified electrician before commencing any electrical work. It may be costly but it does save lives.

The “twelve” sockets on a power circuit on 2.5mm² câble should be read as single units. That does not mean that you cannot combine them as doubles, triples, quads or sixes as required.
The kitchen socket circuit is not fixed at six, that is the minimum.
Subject to the rating, several heaters CAN be on one circuit, BUT if you intend to have a central controller for the heating, then interdependent circuits are preferred.


Thanks for the clarification but the norme states 6 sockets max on a cuisine circuit so to have more would require a further circuit!

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