Email address

I am creating my website using Wordpress and am totally new to all this. I was wondering if I need to have a different email address on the site to my normal one to avoid spam. I checked this on the wordpress site, the answer being you set this up with your host. Any advice?

In fact I don't know what email address the contact form will use. I don't have the email address on the site.

Hi Louise. The one I used is Custom Contact Forms by Taylor Lovett. I don't know if there is a French option. You specify what email address to be used and it sends you a message if someone has used the contact form, but more importantly, your email address does not appear as a link on your website. I once made that mistake - never again! CCF also has a "captcha" so web-bots can't get past it.

Thanks for the answer. I have a contact form on my site but wasn't sure what I needed to add in terms of address, phone no, siret no etc. I would be pleased to have the name of the add-on you used as someone else put the contact page on my site and I don't have its name. Also, do you know what I should use if I want it in French as well as English? I looked at plugins and there seems to be several available. Any advice?

If you have different things for different purposes then have different e-mail addresses. I was phished a while ago and learned the hard way - fortunately James Higginson and one of my German friends got in touch with my OH (I was in hospital) but the amount of work sorting out banks, memberships. etc was more tan enough. What made me at least happy was that I had other addresses without any kind of link to the one got at.

Hi Louise. If you put a link to your email on your website, you will be spammed to hell and back! Best thing to do is get an add-on for Wordpress that puts a contact form on your page. Take a look at mine, it's If you think that could work for you, find me in live chat or reply here and I'll give you the name of the add-on I used, or search for it within Wordpress when you are logged in to edit your site.