Email notifications of new discussions

Hi everyone,

Before the change to the new survivefrance (a couple of months ago), I used to get email notifications for new discussions. So, almost everyday, I had an email from survivefrance.

Since the changeover, I don't get any email notifications of any new discussions.

Is there something in "settings", that I need to do to receive email updates of new discussions?

Also, if I make a post -- is there something I need to do to raise the visibility of people seeing it? I made a post about SFR v. Orange and haven't heard a peep. So I was wondering, maybe no one can see it and I am doing something wrong?

Your advise is appreciated.



Poor SFN, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't

Only last week (or was it the week before) someone was complaining about the number of emails they were receiving from SFN and talking about cancelling their membership

Hmmm ... I never received notifiction in email of that post .... that's why I'm looking for advice on if I need to do something to a setting in my profile ...

Hi Nancy

If you want to recieve notifications of topics that you have not authored or commented on then you have to click 'follow'.

You can alter this behaviour in your settings panel too.


Thanks, James! Sadly, I am not sure where to find the "follow" button/link for future topics/discussions. I did look ... but couldn't find it ...

Can you point me in the right direction?

Nancy. If you look at your original post you will see a place at the bottom which mentions "follow" or "Unfollow" accodring to the preference already set for that thread:

In my case (I copied this from my screen) I clicked on "Unfollow" which now allows me to "Follow" if I click on "Follow" I will get email notifications. Generally, if you contribute to a thread, it automatically sets this flag so you are following the thread and it will show "Unfollow" which you can click on to stop following and thus not receive any more emails.

Ok. Thanks!

I appreciate your taking the time to show me.