Email service with sound alert

Hi all,

My Windows Livemail has stopped working and I've been trying to solve the problem with Microsoft Support for days. I'm losing the will to live quite honestly!! I've got Outlook, but it doesn't make a sound when a new email arrives and I really need that, without it I'm losing work. Can anyone recommend another service that I could download, please?

Thanks Roger, it is set as default.

That might be because you still have Outlook as your default server.

If you want to keep Thunderbird, check to see if it is set as default.

Open Thunderbird. On the menu bar, click on "Edit" - "Preferences". In the new window that opens, click on "Advanced" - "General" and check the box "Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail client at start-up", then close.

If you can't see a menu bar then right-click on the top line and check the box "Menu bar".

Hope this makes sense. (there are lots of ways to make Thunderbird look how you want it - very customisable)


I did reply yesterday to say thank you, but it seems to have vanished. So thank you, I now have an email service with sound...however, it does seem to keep disconnecting itself from the server!

According to Microsoft, Outlook was specifically designed without the sound. They even sent me a link to suggest to the developers that they add one! If I can create a rule, I'd be grateful for a clue as to where I go to do so because I like Outlook it's clean and functional.

Have you tried Thunderbird?