Emergency Dental treatment/Dental needs

I lost a filling yesterday. I rang my dentist and she has had an accident and she is closed until the 5th May.
We rang the central dentist in Cluny and I explained that what had happened and that it is making my tongue sore.
I have an appointment at 2.30 this afternoon.
Has anyone else had experiences of emergency dental treatment, or not?

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I broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago and my dentist agreed to help me even though I am not sure I fell strictly within the guideline chart that he showed me. I think you need to be in acute pain or bleeding to death.
He whipped out the part of the tooth hanging but left the roots so I now have a hole which will have to be dealt with when normality returns.

I think that is appalling.

Our local dentist will always fit people in if it is an emergency (as long as he’s there of course). You have to be one of his clients first, although we did have a gite person with a problem and he did see them as an exeption.

Some dentists are doing more than just emergencies. :wink:

I’m not quite sure why you think it appalling. The guy helped me out when technically he was not obliged to (as far as my understanding of the parameters in place at the time are concerned) and as I am in no pain we can deal with what is left of the tooth at a later date. Should it become problematic for some reason I am sure he will assist further.

I was just told that I really need a crown as there is a fissure. I have to go to the pharmacie and ask for something they put over children’s teeth.
He took the very rough edge of my tooth and put in a temporary filling.

I guess like lots of things to do with the confinement some people stick to the rules and some don’t.

Or some are more helpful than others.

In these difficult times… the rules are there for a good reason… :roll_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face:

I stick by comment.

of course… as do I… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

These rules were made for people living in very close proximity, using public transport and going to work in offices etc. and not La France Profonde.
We do obey the rules but if there was an emergency we would be able to call on our friends for help.

Hypothetical of course -

Just say you booked rdvs in January for a crown to be fitted in April and the dentist calls you after the confinement has started to say the rdvs will still go ahead, do you -

a) Tell him this is against the rules


b) Say ‘okay, I’ll see you then’

I have lost a filling and part of an already damaged tooth since the beginning of lockdown.
But I am not in pain and have no intention of seeing a dentist at present, Maybe not until there is a Covid-19 vaccine.
I can eat, what’s the problem?.

Totally hypothetical. If I needed a crown I would not let it go so far into the future!

And if that was the earliest rdvs you could get?

Tell that to Trump or even Robert Jenrick. There can’t be anything more bizarre than Trump issuing the guidelines and then encouraging redneck lunatics to break them. Likewise Jenrick, on TV in front of the Nation entreating people to stay at home and then buggering off to see his Mummy and Daddy.

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She can have both.

The rules were made for everyone there is no dispensation for people living in the countryside