Emergency! insurance on line?

oh dear, silly me… just collected the keys for the (rental) house and turns out i MUST HAVE insurance before they’ll give me the keys. Hm. I’d left it till the last minute as in the uk i’d just do it online. but the immobilier needs proof…

I’m in the mid of no-where, don’t speak french (yet)

any ideas on english speaking depts of big insurance copanies i could phone up?

(i’ve found edf’s english line, and orange english dept a massive help while we find our feet here…

many thanks


That’s good to know. I guess we were just lucky last time! I’ll add that to our to-do list. (Meanwhile, we still haven’t found a home in Pau. Decided against the one with the mega-construction project across the street.

Does one always need insurance for home rental? I don’t recall doing that last time we lived in France.

thanks to all who helped with my insurance crisis… i’m back online in my new house now - www.maisonverdigris.com - all insured! in particular thanks Tracy Thurling… what brilliant advice! I did indeed call my english speaking bank - credit ag britline. the lovely letitia emailed me the docs, i went to a cyber cafe (!) printed them out and faxed them back to her, and she faxed the immobilier with the insurance attestation, we got the keys… took about an hour! i honestly don’t care if i paid over the odds - for that kind of service they’re welcome to my money…

Your bank will also be able to help - call them if they are English speaking as it is often easier to have everything in one place. When we first lived here we stuck to the well known agencies to ensure we had good cover, now we are in the know, we are in the process of shopping round to change everything.
Good luck and hope everything is working out for out for you - am super busy at the moment so haven’t been on here much!

Call Karen at Allianz/AGF she is English and very helpful, everyone in the office speaks English as well but Karen is the best (although extremely busy)

04 50 55 82 76

Try ringing our lovely English speaking insurance agent (Thierry Hatesse) on Everyone in the office speaks English and I’m sure they can help you. They may not be open til 2pm though.

Good luck!