Emergency plumber needed in 23250 France - Can you help?

Please can you recommend an emergency plumber?
Our French home has always been reliable - we leave for a month and return without any issues, as if we’ve just returned from a brief trip to the boulangerie!
We leave the keys with our daughter and her boyfriend for a weeks holiday in 23250 Janaillat, Creuse while we remain in the UK.
They arrive and turn on the water, finding spewing leaks in the bathroom and dripping through the ceiling downstairs!.
All is isolated now but it would be good to get it fixed so that they can have real showers and flush the loo properly!
Two replacement flexible tap hoses should do it.
Any plombier recommendations with phone numbers and base location would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Here are the yellow pages results:

Plumbers Near Janaillat

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Many thanks, Simon.

It had been quite cold in the Creuse during most of January, enough to cause burst pipes. I would always recommend draining the system down, taking shower mixers off etc. It can be a bit of a pita, but worth it, even if just for peace of mind.

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Thanks for the advice, Mark.

We usually do run the kitchen tap after turning the water off, to drain the system.
We’ve got complacent and a little lazy on the last few trips as nothing has failed us on next arrival.

Lessons learned, eh?!

Plumber on-site this afternoon.

Let’s hope it’s fixed and my daughter can enjoy the French peace and quiet, without the use of buckets of water!! :o)

Many thanks for your responses, help and advice on this.