Emergency room

Morning all. i have EHIC card and obviously passport but no other documents,( carte vital ETC) . If I needed to attend the A n E and need a MRI/CT scan what sort of paperwork will they request/

thanks in adance

Do you live in France or are you a visitor?

James, are you talking about a Victim arriving at A&E (by ambulance/neighbour’s car/whatever… or someone taking themselves in???

Either way, identification will be vital… in order to know who will be paying the Bill.

We’ve discussed elsewhere on the forum (quite recently) how some folk have had to pay upfront for such stuff.

Also - is this a “happening now” situation or a “would like to know, in case” situation?

me taking my self in, have high blood pressure and my eye is starting to hurt !

a bit of both, have UK address but have been here for 4 odd years now

James, you should go and see your Doctor… presumably your Doc is already aware of and dealing with your BP as necessary.


dont have one here

then you can go to Emergency and they will/might look at you… but you will have to pay.

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any idea on costs, probaly CT scan or MRI

Then A&E it should be but 4 years and no GP ?


was never supposed to be here that long, my fault i know you only ever miss something when it is needed

Pretty bloody dear in UK I don’t know about France but the Dr will decide if you need one. Do you know if your blood pressure is currently high or you have a machine?

Yep… as I recall we have discussed this sort of thing when you asked … back in January 2018 … and the figure you were told them was around 150€.

did you ever do anything then… 2 years ago to the very month ??? :thinking: :crazy_face:

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is high have been keeping a record over the last few weeks have got machine, but asking doctor google my symptoms (paid around left eye) aneurysm was mentions. do NOT like the sound of that at all.

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i know my bad!!! it comes and goes

James, get yourself to the hospital or ring 18 for the emergency services. Your wasting time… Be sad if someone was to find you dead in front of your keyboard!

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If you have an aneurysm then you should get to A£E ASAP not be entering into discourse on a forum. Although 2 years is a long time to wait and the fact it is intermittent is positive. BTW If you do go don’t mention Dr Google to the professionals they don’t like it

Well, you seem very laid back about it. In fact so laid back, I am not clear whether or not you are simply winding us up. :thinking:

whatever, you are an adult and quite capable of making decisions. I’m stepping out of this conversation.