Emergency Sunday Vet


Just thought that I'd share a good experience with pet lovers/owners in the 47 region (Miramont). One of our much loved dogs was very sick during last night, and clearly extremely unwell this morning.

Our French isn't great and we're new to the area so dreaded trying to find an emergency vet, let alone converse with him/her over the phone.

It was EASY!!

Firstly the practice number didn't refer me to an emergency number, it was answered immediately by the Vet's wife who spoke perfect English. Secondly, she spoke with her vet husband (who also speaks perfect English) who told us to bring our dog straight to his surgery. Thirdly, he was charming, very thorough in his examination and extremely sympathetic to our panic!!

Fortunately, he didn't think our dog had contracted Tick Fever, but had probably consumed something nasty, so injected her with an anti-biotic, gave her an anti sickness injection plus medicine for her upset tum, with instructions to starve her for the rest of the day except for water, and to return tomorrow if she's no better, or to call him anytime before if we're worried.

Lastly and most encouragingly ('though we wouldn't have minded as she's much loved) his fee was unbelievably small, considering an emergency Sunday call out, 2 injections and a carrier bag full of medicines to take away.

I wanted to post this as there can be so much negativity from time to time when things go wrong.

Our dog is still very poorly, but hopefully on the mend and we are greatly reassured.

If anyone wants details of the Vet, please don't hesitate to PM me for the info'.

Kindest regards to all


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Really good to hear- thanks for posting!