Emissions testing with MOT

Mmmm… does this happen in France ?? I’ve noticed horrendous emissions from some vehicles over the years… perhaps this article explains it… :thinking:

Why should it happen in France which has a system of specialist testing stations and doesn’t rely on back street garages for vehicle roadworthiness?

Just wondering David… 'cos there are a lot of “dirty” vehicles out there… if you happen to be behind one… it stinks… :roll_eyes:

People made a huge fuss about the VW scandal but the problem with most diesel vehicles is that most of them have to be prepared for their emissions test and in everyday use few will be as clean as they were on the day they last passed. When I lived in Germany the tester recommended that I drove my car for a long period of time at high revs to prepare it for the emissions test and I used to take the long way round to the appointment, driving along the Autobahn in third gear. When I imported a three year old diesel Rover into the UK the testing garage drove it six miles in second gear to get it clean enough to pass it’s MOT. Petrol engines are so much easier.

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