Employing a casual worker in the house

I have been asked to take a dog to Le Chautay in 18 but it is too far for me with Fran. Together we did deliver one for the same adopter as far as Montlucon last year but the person we met there to take him to destination is not available this time.

There is one way round it. If I fetch the dog the night before and overnight him here and take him alone the next day (as long as it was a Wednesday) I could do the roundtrip from here in about 8 or 9 hours.

But the problem is I would need someone willing to sit in the house with Fran, she doesn’t need attention but it is just for emergency security. When I went to Clermont Ferrand 2 weeks ago I reckoned that the 2 hours between Christelle leaving at 4pm and 6pm when the other aide, Gill, arrives would be OK but Christelle was worried and, as she didn’t have another job to go to, stayed with Fran on her own to bridge the gap. I got a hint from Gill that I shouldn’t have done that so wondered, if the association was willing to pay, if someone could come in for the 2 gaps, morning and afternoon and be paid possibly by cheque l’emploi.

Can anybody see a flaw in this plan?

It is entirely possible that Mary, the president of the association can find someone to do Montlucon to Le Chautay, it is only 87 kms but a bridge too far for us.

Do you need to employ anyone? Is there no one who would just help you out?

Yes, I’m sure my neighbour would, but I don’t want to ask a favour because it comes with a responsability, looking after Fran’s safety so it must be official in law and for tax purposes.

If it is the case that it can be done without too much bother, the reason for my question here, then the next step would be to ask the association if it would pay and then, if yes, ask Marie-Paule. The SMIC at the moment is just over €11/hour so we are talking around €56, no mean sum for a voluntary association.

Fingers crossed that Maryvonne (the Presidente) can find someone to bridge the gap. I know the prospective owner of the dog as I have delivered to him twice before and once. as I said, to a changeover at Montlucon. That doesn’t make him a fly by night, quite the opposite. He has a large walled garden but lives alone and can only walk a short distance with 2 sticks. Sensibly, because of his age and infirmity, he specialises, like me, in adopting older dogs. But that of course means they die sooner rather than later.

Which is why I would love to help him, but 7 hours return via Sharon’s (to collect one and leave Jules and collect Jules on the way back) both ways to Montlucon is already pushing it for Fran, 9 hours all the way, impossible sadly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget social charges!

I think if a cheque l’emploi is used that is included. I was paid by one when I rooted out a stump for a neighbour with my digger years ago. I had insisted because of the danger of stumping on sloping and uneven ground and wanted some accident insurance. Not only did I get that but also a few pennies on my transport industry pension when I retired. :rofl:

I don’t think the difficulty will be doing it legally, it will be finding someone to do it! Sounds as if the organisation that supplies your current aides à domicile is rushed off its feet, so may not be able to supply extra.

Maybe keep an eye open in local bakeries and other local notice boards as occasionally firm CESU people looking for extra hours.

Never thought of asking CIAS, the ones who supply our aides, for the very reason you say. The main thing is first any legal drawback and 2nd whether the association is willing and able to pay for it.

It is such a shame, until 3 years ago I would have done it all by myself at the drop of a hat, in fact I would have considered it ‘local’, but times have changed sadly.

Perhaps Chris in Nevers will have a change of circumstance to allow her to do it after all, I have said that I can do the first leg any day except Wednesday, so there is plenty of scope if she can spare 3 or 4 hours or so.