Employing someone who is on CESU system

If I want to hire somebody who is working on CESU scheme I understand all related work has to be done in the home of the employee. The person I want to use is " in the home assistance a la personne" apart from cooking, washing and ironing for me she will help me with admin and translation, is she able to take me to my doctors appointments, physio, shopping etc which is outside of the home, some people say she cannot although she assures me the URSSAF / CESU office has said she can?

I don’t see why not, it’s all service à la personne.

Here you go, this seems to cover it:
"Hors du domicile si elles s’inscrivent dans le prolongement d’une activité
de services à domicile
→ La préparation des repas à domicile, y compris le temps passé aux
commissions ;
→ La livraison de repas ou de courses à domicile ;
→ La collecte et livraison à domicile de linge repassé ;
L’aide à la mobilité et au transport de personnes ayant des
difficultés de déplacement lorsque cette activité est incluse dans
une offre de services d’assistance à domicile ;
La prestation de conduite du véhicule personnel des personnes
dépendantes, du domicile au travail, sur le lieu de vacances, pour
les démarches administratives ;
→ L’accompagnement des enfants et des personnes âgées ou
handicapées dans leurs déplacements en dehors de leur domicile
(promenades, transports, actes de la vie courante)."

that’s what I think so was just putting feelers out to make sure

Absolutely right too - my motto is “never assume anything” :grin: I stole that motto from a very dear and very wise colleague I used to work with back in the day, sadly she is no longer with us but over the years that motto has helped me to avoid so many pitfalls…

I’ve used cesu on several occasions and several different services: housework, garden work, tutoring. It seems to work for just about everything and is pretty user friendly, I also found ringing them up to ask questions very easy. It’s a good and efficient service - though not cheap!

Hi Caroline, thanks for your input.