Employment lawyer recommendation or your knowledge

Hello SFN'ers,

Please allow me to give you a little history before the question.

I currently work for a huge multi-national company with 300,000 employees worldwide. I am employed by the French company of course.

I worked for 20 years for this company, took the early retirement package in 2010. Then in November last year, I was recruited back into the company - I am a specialist in a particular area and it is a bit of a niche. There are not many of us around. I was offered a CDI contract with the first 4 months considered as a trial, extendable by 2 months to total 6 months.

The job has not worked out. It's the wrong job for me if I am honest. There is no animosity. My boss and I discussed it and the option is not to convert my contract to permanent. This was not as bad as it sounds since (as I mentioned) it is a niche and there are other jobs in the company for which I could apply.

Enter the good people from Resources Humane... Apparently if a 6 month trial is not converted to permanent, that's it. You cannot take another job. I have asked for that to be confirmed as well as the document which states this (as I can't find it).

In other words, if I had gone round and nicked everybody's wallet and got fired, that is the same as a non-committed trial. This strikes me a bit as bordering on restraint of trade or something like that.

So I have a couple of ways to go. I had to join a union so I might talk to somebody there. But I was going to ask the good people here for any opinions. And the obvious question, has anybody dealt with a good employment avocat here in France and could make a recommendation to me.

I'm getting too old for all this palava...