Employment - working 35 hrs per week

Happy New Year!

Does anyone know if an employee in France is allowed to work more than 35hrs per week?

I am in a situation where I might be employed by two different companies. Both are part-time.

If I worked for both, would I have to keep the total amount of working hours to 35?


Marie :)

That sounds fab Liz! I think the pat-time jobs are temporary and so I will not have as many rights as someone on a CDI. Hey ho, you got to start somewhere. Have a great evening.

OK Brian, thanks for pointing that out.

Yes I do like my sleep, especially this time of year.

I would just like to work more whilst I have the opportunity to do so. You never know when the bad times will hit.

Thanks :)

I work for a french subsidury of a large US company and we work a standard 37.5 hour week but then have what is called RTT days, which depending on when bank holidays fall give me from 10 to 13 days more off a year that is paid…but I am on a CDI

Andrew said most of it but looking at the laws themselves, they are a bit ambiguous but it works out that you can work the basic week plus paid overtime almost without limit, more 'amusingly' (wrong word perhaps, but I laughed cynically) the 35 hour week is per employer. So, theoretically you could work 35 hours each for four employers and have 28 hours to yourself each week. Perhaps not advisable, but since you appear to be a serious sleeper... def not for you ;-)

That is great, thank you so much Andrew.

Wow, 80 hours a week? You must have been exhausted. I'm not sure I'm awake for that long during the week! Just kidding.

Have a great week


yes you can, no problem, when we need our employee to work extra hours she does and gets paid for them. If you're an indépendant/self employed/TNS you can work as many hours as you like/have to. I did 80 hours a week for a couple of years :-O

The limit is set at 48 hours a week for salariés, see here for more info ;-)