End of lease - apartment being sold. What happens?

We’re coming to the end of the 3-year lease on our apartment. The bail was prepared by the agents in Caen who acted on her behalf (for which we paid a fee); the rent has always been paid promptly to a local firm of notaires.

A few months ago the owner told us she was selling up and introduced her prospective buyer. They then offered us the option to stay on and we verbally agreed a new rent with the buyer, at an increase of €130 per month.

But we have heard nothing more from either party, despite two emails to the current owner.

On moving in we paid for the full month of August 2016, but the lease did not start until the 10th. So we assume that we do not have to pay for the period 1-9 August this year.

But what happens next? Do we simply stay put and offer her the rent for the rest of the month at the existing rate?

Will the new owner be entitled to ask for a guarantee or deposit in addition to the first month’s rent?



Ken, when a Lease ends, the Security Deposit is returned to the renter by the original landlord. The money cannot be set against unpaid rent.

In your case, if you are not leaving, you should have a new lease from the new landlords. They may well demand a Security Deposit.

For your own peace of mind, you need to speak with your landlord to find out what is going on.

(we HAD to sell our rental property to evict the unsuitable tenants. Having been there 3 years, they had the right to remain, more or less indefinitely - unless we lived in it ourselves or sold it.)

Thanks Stella

We are up to date with the rent and have receipts from the notaires.

Do you happen to know if there are any regulations regarding the amount of security deposit?



Isn’t it marked on the Lease ?