End of the world party anyone?

Just had some e-mails in about the end of the world....well....supposed end of the world. One correspondent told us that she thought it was the best reason in the world...as it is still intact...to have a party on 20th with all your friends and family and go out with a bigger bang on 21st if you don't get to Bugarach. We wonder if she was waiting for an excuse to do something like this but hey, what is Christmas for? Party ideas please if you have any suggestions such as a green man theme or space soup etc. etc..

Nah, Non-event Calendar :-D

Bit of a shocker that Brian seeing as though it is an Advent Calendar

Just remembered to turn over the page on my calendar today, always late. Hmmm!! Seems to end at 21 December alright. When I bought it at Mayans-R-Us I never looked at it properly. Now is the big question. Have I been ripped off, if the world does not blow up can I get a rebate in lieu of the missing dates?

I have a German Stiefel, which is a glass boot that takes 2 litres of beer. I shall substitute my entire collection of malt, calvados, etc and pour it in to the boot at the moment the earth begins to shake. My only wish is to do as is done in a beer drinking contest. Get the whole lot down without spilling a drop, bearing in mind that even a little air pocket in the toe of the boot can lead to a REAL disaster and create a large splash that wastes much of the fluid. When I have successfully slurped that down my gullet I shall allow myself to bellow out 'Flower of Scotland' and maybe 'William Wallace' if the destruction lasts that long.

As for Hollande's cancellation of December, he can stuff that right up his ballot box, Mayans rule OK!

Brill Sheila

We are having a Hippie themed End of the World Party on the 21st. We wondered about being in France and celebrating on the eve before, but we have gone for the day itself. Go out with all the world crashing around us.
By the way does anyone know what time it’s due to end because Zive got to pick the kids up from school at five?

Sounds like a great idea, but....................