Ending a contract with a Estate Agent

Hello, O Wise Ones.
We no longer wish to sell a property that we own in France.
It has been listed for over a year with a local Estate Agent, do I just phone him to say that we no longer wish to sell or do I need to put it formally in writing

Did you sign an agreement - if so, what does it say about ending… ?

Just a thought - Who has the keys ??

Thank you for your reply.
I have spoken with my agent and I just need to put in it writing and we will collect the key when we come over in October.

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Hi Lisa… as you no longer wish to sell - does this mean you will be able to visit from time to time and enjoy all that France has to offer ??

No, we come over every couple of months for at least 3 weeks each time, it just means that we cannot find a larger house to buy in our area that we both agree on.

Can you extend the property with a veranda or somesuch ??