Ending a PACS

Does anyone have experience of the above when the partners cannot come to an agreement about the fair division of property and contents? I have lived with my partner for over 20 years; half of that time in France as a PACS. The situation for me, female, late sixties is that I simply cannot live with an emotionally abusive and intimidating man any longer. I have attempted to leave several times but I am resolved that this is final. I have been offered accommodation in the UK by family and that is where I need to go for my own peace of mind as soon as possible. My partner has offered to buy my share of the property (purchased en division). However, his offer is based upon what he can afford, rather than a professional valuation and it takes no account of the not inconsiderable investment of other joint assets. It is tempting to take his offer and run, but it means I return with sufficient to maybe buy a small flat and nothing else. If I return to the UK with the PACS still in place and the matter unresolved, but where I would feel safer and supported, could I still pursue the fair distribution of our joint property from the UK? I should add, that I have offered shared responsibility for all that is involved in selling the house and contents, continued share of the financial commitments for the maintenance, but he won’t even discuss it. Any comments, suggestions gratefully received.

Go and see a notaire as soon as possible. You have to protect yourself, and that is the only effective way. Good luck.

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Mary, no real advice (sorry) except as Véronique says, go and see a notaire quickly And make sure everything that is agreed between your and your ex-partner is in writing. I’d also photograph the house and the possessions … who knows what might happen when you leave? Best to assume that things will turn nasty and devious behaviour might be at work (often not, but be prepared). Good luck, really hope everything works out for you.

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Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I have now identified a notaire in my area who is also English speaking. Whilst my French language is passable, I don’t want to risk misunderstandings in legal matters.

I had not thought to take photographs and as the coast is clear, I have just taken shots of every room and the surrounding gardens. Really good idea that!

Horrible situation de be in Mary, I really feel for you. Be very careful also if you have joint bank accounts that your partner doesn’t run up any debts that you will be liable for, it’s amazing how vindictive some people can become!
Hope that by now you have made that appointment and that all is fully explained to you. Good luck.