Enedis Risque Securite

I received an SMS this afternoon from Enedis stating that my disjoncteur may be problematic and that I have to respond to them whilst standing by my Linky meter.
It all seems rather strange, accentuated by the fact that I have two Linkys and they did not specify which one.
I apologise in advance if this is an old scam that everybody is aware of but it is new to me so I am requesting advice/opinions. I have had both meters for a year or more so why now?
Respond or ignore?

there has certainly been a discussion about this sort of message… within the last few months… check on Electricity threads… I reckon…

someone will chime in with the info… what are you asked to do… are they asking you to phone a number or what ?

Ignore IMO Damian or call/email Enedis to verify. I’d want much more info before doing anything. I received an email from Connexion yesterday asking me to update my card details. They did quote the correct last four digits of my card, they did have the correct expiry date and the card is expiring this month but I still called them to verify the request.

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there certainly are too many odd things going on at the moment…

certainly anything to do with accounts/bank/cards… that is a major no-no in my opinion…

best of luck Damian…

That made me realise we’ve not seen Mike Kearney for a long time, i hope he is OK, he always posted most days and didn’t have a fall out or anything so much as I remember.

@Mike_Kearney I hope you are well?

Thank you Stella and John. I had found the posting from the other chap but it did not seem too reassuring to me so I thought I would ask if there has been any further strange activity since it was posted in (from memory) July.
In the SMS they ask you to connect to the website whilst standing near the metre.
The site seems legit but these things often do. Given your advice and my gut feeling I shall ignore. If there is a serious problem I’m sure they will be on to me soon enough as I doubt they want fried clients all over the place.

Frankly… I cannot connect to the web and be near my linky… so they would be wasting their time asking me to do that… :thinking: :wink:

The ongoing quest by ENEDIS to track down a batch of faulty disjoncteurs has been going on for a while. It is a real thing, although I’ve never heard of a request to reply directly whilst standing by the item in question!
It’s very easy to send in the relevant info - go to this website & follow instructions. It’s worth having a photo of your main disjoncteur on hand as they like to have that to confirm the info that you will have already entered (which is the manufacturing date & serial number).

That makes me even more suspicious. Did they give you a link to log in on?

You don’t think they noted that serial numbers when they installed them Jonathan? I would have expected them to. It seems a sensible way to link the device to a user account.

I’d follow Jonathan’s link. It’s what I did after receiving an email from Enerdis. They just want to know which disjoncteur you have. Ours was ok.

They clearly didn’t, but I bet they do now! On the other hand meter numbers always have been noted.
I just did all this for a client so I know how the process works. No information given would be of any interest to anyone else.

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Okay…they did give me a PDL number. I haven’t checked that yet but assuming that it tallies then in view of the above comments I will pursue the link and report back to reassure other members who may get the same request.
Thanks for all the advice…never any harm in checking first.