Energy Saving In France

I have been reading about energy saving in France like using fewer Christmas lights. After shopping for a day in Toulouse I have a suggestion for saving a lot more energy. Every store that I visited had the heating turned up high even though the temperature outside was 26C. Even the large underground parking was hot. I why the government is not looking into this instead of Christmas lights?


This is more of a departmental/prefectoral issue than direct government. I think you will find shortly that most of these businesses will be cutting their heating and lighting drastically as their bills start to come in. A lot of the big supermarkets have already cut lighting in some of the aisles and opening hours shorter to help finances and shops using AC with the doors open have been visited by the local police to tell them to keep the doors shut if they have no notices asking clients to shut them.

Or more correctly they as thick as…smart buildings are needed for dumb people.

Outside temperature units should set the indoor heating or cooling requirements, CO2 monitors should run the BMS to vastly reduce the heating or cooling wasted under old non scientific air movement ideas. Going through a 40 million refit at the moment and despite architects and supposed clever engineering it is little old me driving the change. Not enough of me’s to go round

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I’d be interested to hear more. I’d imagine that such a project will use BIM to for the construction planning costing and commissioning. But also for the maintenance connecting the BOS, BMS CMMS iot’s on one plateforme to the 3D models. So the clients and Facilities managers and tech’s can easily measure energy efficiency, hydrometry CO2 etc building, office fréquentation etc etc.
Maybe time for a new tread?

Nasa can pilot a buggy on Mars remotely, we cant even operate the roof louvres at the moment so its been a hell of a week…

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