England for the World Cup 2018



But first it’s france v. Belgium tomorrow, allez les bleus


Yes, it would be nice Stella. Have been following the England WC matches. But as a rugby follower I did have a moment or two? The 1st was when one of the opposition was given a yellow card, good I thought, they’ll be playing with 10 on the field for 10 minutes. The 2nd I found myself wondering why he was still playing after getting a yellow card. Come on England! Good job so far only 2 2 go! :wink:

We can dream… :relaxed:

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And I was accused of being OTT about Englands chances in the tournament by a member of this forum, he as gone very quite just lately.

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Hey everyone,

I have two tickets for ENGLAND vs CROATIA WORLD CUP SEMI FINALS for sale. It’s CAT2 tickets and they are available in Paris today. Are you interested. 600 EUR each.

Hey are interested in tickets for CAT2 tickets for ENGLAND vs CROATIA ? Available in Paris today for 600 EUR each

Hello Moncef and Welcome to the Forum. :relaxed:

What a shame that you have tickets that you will not be able to use. :sob::sob:

Never mind… we shall all be able to follow it on TV… :relaxed:

What a pity you only have 2 tickets, if only you had a few more!

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In my village, neighbours are anticipating England v France Final… so let’s not disappoint them… please… :slightly_smiling_face:

and, in actual fact, more than one person has said that last night’s game was “as good as a Final”… so England has got to make a real Show of it tonight…:hugs:

I was expecting to hear lots of whooping and hollering in our small hamlet at the end of last nights match…it didn’t happen. I’ll keep quiet if we win tonight.

They were all here in my village… :roll_eyes: … if we win tonight… I shall expect to hear you hollering and whooping… no matter how many kilometres… :hugs::smile::smile:


Our supper guest is late… so looks as if the footie will have to take a back seat…

yippee… back to the computer and RMC Info Radio … blaring out… it is wonderful to get the French angle on how they view the English /Croatian players…:relaxed:
1-0… yippee




Out on penalties…again?

Very, very quiet here in Redditch at the moment…

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