English around beziers


I am doing work experiance at the gendarmerie in Béziers who are doing a study on the english around the Béziers area.

Here is a letter explaining what I'm doing and how you could help.

Sir /Madam

As a student in my third year of a bachelor’s degree, I have to complete a 6 weeks work experience, which I have chosen to do at the Gendarmerie in Beziers.

The Gendarmerie have tasked me to make a study to find out, some demographic details, the extent of knowledge and how they are perceived by overseas residents

To achieve this, I enclose a simple questionnaire to complete which is to be filled in anonymously which will help complete the study.

I kindly as you to pass this on to any of your friend in the area and to send the questionnaire back to stage.gendarmerie@gmail.com

Here is the questionnaire in an attachement.

Thank you to anyone who fills it in!!!!

ok no problem, just trying to find more people do do it as have to have a certain amount before the 21st.


Hi Tamara,

I think we may have done you questionnaire at Olonzac market last week?

Good luck with it.

Phil & Marilyn Harrison