English books anyone?

So I think I’m moving back to Ireland, having been offered a good job there and been unemployed here for 7 months now. Sorry to leave, as I love living here. But needs must! Anyway I have boxes of english books that for some reason I brought over here and now wd like to sell off b4 another move. If anyone is interested I’ll post a list. Mainly literary fiction, classics, some nonfiction, all in reasonable condition.

Paperbacks €1.50, hardbacks 3€, plus postage.

Ok, didn’t realise there was a classifieds section! Will check it out thnx.

Hi Jenny - might be worth posting whereabouts you are based as someone local may be interested to collect and save on postage. Also try the Classifieds in your area group on SFN. I've bought books off another SFN member in the past and it worked out really well so it is definitely possible for you to sell them on here. Post an advert under classifieds though.