English Christmas Market - Roujan

Hey all!

I've just seen an ad for 'un Marché de Noël à l'Anglaise' in Roujan, has anyone been before? Is it the place to go for crackers and mincemeat?

Take care

Gudi xxx

Hi, yes it's a great affair, but as Wendy says NO crackers last year.The venue is actually in old Chateau but it is in 'Cassan' and starts this Sunday. It's well sign posted once you get there, and yes parking is a bit 'third world' I highly recommend the day out,very Christmassy! and the vendors are charming

Yep been there for last three years I think. Last year there was no English food or crackers at all... for the first time, before they had had a really good selection. I'm really hoping the English Corner Shop of Montpellier is going to go and have loads of good stuff. Going to email them now and make sure...

Lots of nice things to buy for gifts though and lovely atmosphere. Go early parking horrid.