English equivalent of 'Brevet' anyone?

Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before, but I’d like to know if the Brevet (end of troisième) level is the equivalent of GCSE level in the UK?

Many thanks - Hilary

I think the main difference is that they do the brevet in four years and bac in three, instead of 5 for 'O’level/GCSE’s and 2 for ‘A’ levels. I must say that the brevet seems easier than what we did as ‘O’/GCSE- lots of marks gained b4 the exam and weighted heavily in favour of continuous assessment. The BAC seems much more like the A levels I did- tons of revision, tons of writing and long exams :frowning: So it gives them a false impression at this stage, as there’s a lot more work ahead.

Thanks Rebekah, I translated my own O levels n GCSEs as ‘première partie du BAC’ I think, just wondered how it would work the other way round? Congrats to your son - very pleased for him and you! x

Yes, Hilary, it’s roughly the equivalent because now they get to go to Lycee (or equivalent or work) to study for a BAC which is the eq of A levels. My middle son ( the difficult one :wink: ) passed today with a mention assez bien after next to no work, so I’m feeling chuffed- he’s going to Lycee and he’s going to board- a result for me too :slight_smile: