English Group


As an ex-pat, do you miss talking in English? If so, what do you do about it? Do you have English friends here in France, go to a local English class or what?

I'm wondering because I'm not sure what the solution is for me. Any advice, or perhaps you know of groups which already exist (in Brittany).

Ideally it would involve real English beer too ;-)


I know what ou're saying, Mark. SFN was my way out/way back to an anglophone world when I joined yers ago but it's not the same as pub banter over a pint (although it has got close in the past! Do you work? I do and that seems to be what's stopped me getting in with any expat communities - I just don't have the time, business and young kids in our francophone household. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding anglophones in Britany, I taught in St Brieuc back in 2001 and bumped into loads.

I'm still on the look-out here in the Tarn/Aveyron (Julie and Claire - the couple of minutes sorting your lottery tickets out is often the only English I'll speak all week (to anglophones rather than moaning at my kids!))

Good luck