English Host Families Wanted

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine runs http://aalec.com/accueil.php, https://www.facebook.com/aalec.anglais and is desperately looking for host families in the Tarn. Lots of students, including a local college - 6eme / 5eme and no hosts! If you are interested or perhaps know someone else who is (it's paid, if that helps :) ) please can you send me a PM so I can pass your details on or contact Claudine directly. There is a contact form on her website.

Many thanks!


Hi Pamela, so sorry I missed your message. Yes unfortunately Limoux is just a bit too far, Aalec are looking for families based just in the Tarn. Many thanks for your reply though!


Hi Louise,

is Limoux too far for you/your friend? I am already taking students via another association but have enough holiday space for more. Let me know if you are interested.

Regards, Pamela

Thanks both of you, I'll try Carol but better get the house in better shape first!

Andrew - try Carol Norwell. She seems to have a pool of friends with daughters wanting to be au pairs. She's on FB as never uses SFN anymore but I'm friends with her so you should be able to find her. xx

Thanks so much for replying Andrew, I know that you have a tabac - I think we nearly met once :) Sadly for me I am in the same position, I work full time so trying to help Claudine in other ways!

Thanks so much Nicole - didn't know anything about this group.

There should be plenty! Sorry I can't help as the rest of the family are French and we speak French at home, + I work 7 days a week so I'm hardly ever at home :-(

We'd happily do the reverse and take on an English nanny/au pair if anyone is interested...?!

Ladies in France Togeth

LIFT? Can you link me? Many thanks

Yes, of course! Doh! What about LIFT?

Hi Nicole, unfortunately I think we are too far from the Langeudoc region for this. Claudine is specifically looking for families in the Tarn, thanks for your help though and an interesting read through your facebook page and business directory!

Hi Louise - Why not try posting this in LIL (Facebook group - Ladies in Languedoc)? Are you a member? :)