English radio in the car

At last! I’ve actually found a bit of high tech stuff that does what I want it to do. I can now enjoy listening to " Steve Wright in the afternoon" while driving. Or Radio 4, or Capital FM, LBC, Heart or any other UK radio station live & clear on my car radio. What with regular deliveries from Asda there is now nothing that the old country can offer me to make me regret moving here. Bliss!

The one I have is a red box with BBC Radio written in, but it is from : com.leadapps.android.radio.BBCradio

It gives "BBC Radio comes with special features of All BBC Stations,with world radios(shoutcast,Icecast) loading,along with playback of mp3/aac/aacp radio stations."

Check out http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-leadapps-android-radio-bbcradio-zjqwq.aspx & see if you can make sense of it!

All I know is it works well while I have a signal!

I think it's called F-Stream, not actually a bbc app as for some reason they don't have one, but you can set it up to stream bbc radio.


It’s the BBC app, not sure of the name as I didn’t load it but I will find out. It was free, though.

The best one that I have tried, and now use all the time, is Tunein Radio which is 79 centimes on the App store.

What is the App called?

As it is just an iPod I am limited to the range of my Freebox but the same app is available on an iPhone and then it would just connect via the Internet. I don’t go on long journeys anymore and would prefer silence - have to concentrate when you get older!!

Is the range limited to your livebox or can you continue to listen as you drive to Bordeaux ?

Hi Rod, I think I mentioned the price - I pay 34 euros per month for the phone contract which includes unlimited internet. So that's it. There is no extra charge although when "unlimited internet" is quoted, there is an asterisk next to it meaning "subject to reasonable use"!

I'm afraid I'm not too clued up on the other phone contracts so I cannot answer your other question, all I can say is that if you have an android phone (mine is a Samsung galaxy), a phone contract which gives you unlimited internet included in the monthly fee, & a car radio with Bluetooth, you can get any radio station that also broadcasts on the internet. Simples!

Hi Judy,

The magic wand is indeed the thing from Dragon's Den. It would make a very good Birthday gift.

I find that I only use 3 buttons on one remote, 4 on another & I have all these functions in a tactile stick!

I have an iPod and can listen to just about any radio station in the world - while I am within reach of our broadband. There are loads of apps that you can dowload to receive internet radio. I can listen to Radio 4 Today at breakfast time, Radio 2 Ken Bruce and the Jeremy Vine show later - and if you have absolutely nothing to do - Steve Wright in the afternoon. I’ve explored all the Country stations in the US, classical in Australia etc etc. Back to the good old beeb!I presume an iPhone with a connection to a sound system in a car would do the same.

And the cost for this service?

I have an O2 xDA with internet access etc so will this 'blue tooth ' radio work with this and isn't there some cost involved using the network, in my case LeClerc mobile?


Thanks for this comprehensive reply Mark. I've read it. But as I am more in-competent than IT-competent, I am rather pathetically passing it to my husband with the phrase "I want that one" (as in Lou and Andy)...

Is the Kimera thingy what I saw on Dragon's Den? Is it a worthwhile gizmo for a birthday gift?

If you are a technophobe this BBC sketch puts it into perspective...


OK. It's quite simple but not necessarily cheap! James got it right.

When I changed my car last year the new one had a "double din" hole in the dash meaning that i could put an all singing & dancing car radio in. For 270 euros on eBay I bought a Chinese set with built in sat nav, dvd, TV, Bluetooth phone option, USB port, iplayer connection & a reversing camera!. As most of my music is in my computer putting a few hours on a flash drive is so easy...

Every now & then I look at my outgoings to see if they can be lessened & wandering about in the Orange shop trying to check the latest tarifs I noticed that for what I have been paying for the last 8 years for my mobile (3 hours free per month) I could get music & stuff as well. However, trying to get a sensible answer out of the staff there is a herculean task, so I went to my local independant store who told me that Virgin will give me an android phone, 5 hours free calls per month, unlimited text & unlimited internet for 34 euros pm - I was paying 30!

Imagine my dissappointment at not being able to use the BBC listen live thing, it kept saying that I needed Flash player 10 & I could not get that to download, either. On top of that connecting the headphone socket to the aux in on the radio would not give me sound!

Although I love gadgets they have to be fairly simple (best Christmas prezzie - Kimera magic wand) & a mobile phone only has to ring when someone calls me, & let me ring others. I was expecting an android phone to resemble something from "I, robot" or if I'm really lucky, the one in "Blade Runner", but it is just a screen from which you select what you want, like Maps. This is apparently an "app" & you can download others to do different things. I needed a teenager son of some friends to tell me this! He found a free BBC app, downloaded it for me & now I can select any radio station in the world if it is online & the phone will play it! Oh yes, silly me, I don't need to connect the phone to the radio as the Bluetooth bit does it without wires automatically!

So all you need is an android phone, a bluetooth radio & a mobile phone contract with unlimited internet.

Yes please let us know how this works and also I’m curious about the ASDA deliveries. How do you get those?

How does this work then? I’m fed up with listening to Radio Nostalgie in the car. It would be good to pick up some BBC stations.

Dont keep us in suspense!

Oh yes please English radio in the car and Ocado where are you?!

We need to know!