English Speaking Doctor? Hyeres / Toulon

Hi there - new to SF - can anyone give me any advice on English speaking doctors in the Hyeres / Toulon area? I know you can’t recommend but any tips or PM’s would be much appreciated. Many thanks - Ken

Hello Ken

Welcome to SFN.

You will find that most Doctors will speak some English, especially the younger ones. If no-one is able to help on here then I suggest calling a few and asking them.

Enjoy our forum.

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Thank you

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Hello Ken… and welcome from all of us…

Your local Mairie may give you a local bulletin/magazine with all sorts of info in it… they may also be able to help you with this specific enquiry.

Also, ask at the Maison Medicale in your area… generally there is someone there who can understand/speak a little English, they can advise about local medics.

Using a dictionary, I prepared a paper with a few French phrases and questions… and pointed to them… if it helped both sides understand what I was seeking… you might find this a useful idea.

Best of luck


Hello Ken!!! Great to see you on here and I’m sure you’ll get loads of help in your new venture. Take care mate and catch up soon !!! :slight_smile:

Now … this is intriguing… :upside_down_face:

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Thanks very much Stella much appreciated !

Go for it Ken… and keep us in the loop.


Lol! Stella Ken and I have been mates for ages - he (and his wife!) have just made the permenant move over and I naturally pointed him in the direction of SF!!


Well done Simon… :relaxed::relaxed: