English speaking doctors around Huelgoat (29690) Finisterre

Hi, can anyone recommend an English speaking family doctor in or near to Huelgoat (29690), Finisterre? Whilst our French is steadily improving since we started spending as much time as possible in France, we feel that our knowledge falls short when it comes to medical terms. We can envisage a disaster if our description of a problem becomes misinterpreted !



Our family doctor - Dr Coll at Gouarec - is excellent, both as a doctor and in English - but may be too far from you? - Huelgoat-Gouarec is about 40 minutes drive.

Hi Geof,

Thank you for your recommendation. I think you are right in saying that Gouarec is too far from Huelgoat for us to travel for a family doctor (unless we move!). We will, however, make a note of his name.

Thanks again