English speaking family lawyer

Hi I’m writing on behalf of a friend who lives in Bordeaux. He and his wife has separated. They have a young child. She wants full custody. She has turned child against him. Can anyone advise an English speaking family lawyer?

Carla, if you Google : Bordeaux, Avocat qui parle anglais - it brings up loads of stuff.

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Thank you Stella

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Hi Carla,

We have, within the Bordeaux Bar association, set a team of advocates who are dedicated to expats. This team is called ICARE (reads Institut de Conseil et d’Assistance aux Résidents Étrangers)… or I CARE!

We work on ten different languages, from English to German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Deutch, Romanian, Russian, etc… (I’ll pass on the link to that list shortly (I am on IPad now and can’t attach the link properly !?)

We have different specialities and some of them are family lawyers, like me.

I am heading the English branch and 100% of my clients are English speaking expats. I may help your friend with her query.

Philippe Péjoine (reads “page 1”)
16 bis cours du Maréchal Juin
33000 Bordeaux
T: 0674284766
Courriel: philippe-pejoine@wanadoo.fr

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thank you Philippe, I will forward this to my friend.

kind regards