English Speaking Notaire/deeds of a property

Hi Everyone, does anyone know of an English speaking notaire in the Landes area who deals with inheritance laws? Also does anyone know where the original deeds of a property are kept is it the notaire or the land registry and is it possible to get copies of these documents? Has anyone experience of this? Thank you.

Have a look there,<http://www.notaires.fr/fr/annuaire-chambre-notaire&gt; it lists all the notaries in France.

Thanks Dominique for the reply. The info will help. I have searched for a notaire in my district via the links on SFN but nothing came up. I have also followed the link to a London based english speaking french notaire via SFN and he has been very helpful too. Thanks again.

The owner has the deeds.It is possible and probable that the notary that registered the sale has a copy. The local mairie may be able to help you. go with a speaking French friend. All notaries are qualified on inheritance laws.